When you have rough patches in your life and when things seem to be going in a downward spiral there are certain people in your life that seem to make things magically better. They appear in your life at the right time and they listen to you without judgement. People like that are rare and seem hard to find.. And yet they do exist.

I am going through my own personal storm at this moment in my life and while I’m doing my best to surf these stormy waves I can count on the love and the true friendship of the people that I have chosen to be my family. Because unfortunately we don’t always get the support from our real family. When we are born we get them whether we like it or not. They get to see our experiences from nearby and they are not always understanding, nice or supportive with everything we go through. It’s sometimes painful to listen to them trying to tell us what it is we’re supposed be doing or how wrong it is to handle our problems that way. Sometimes their advice makes you feel even worse than you did when you tried handling it on your own. It’s not because you are related by blood that you can expect they will be helping and understanding you. In fact it is usually quite the opposite.

This is where your real, true and honest friends come in. The universe is so big and it’s so loving that it will provide you with the support that you need in many shapes and forms. It will send you people that have a deep understanding in your feelings and in you who you really are. They can lift you up by just listening to you without saying their opinion or giving their advice. You can feel their sincere interest in what you have to say.

I don’t have many friends: a few of them are near me, but there are quite a few of them scattered all over the world. Each and one of them I consider to be angels in human form. They are there with me when I need an umbrella when the storm gets harder. They pull me out of the water when I fall of a wave and hand me a towel to dry myself off.

I am writing this for all my friends that have become my family. I am writing this for YOU. You are that special friend to someone who thinks you are important in their life. YOU are that angel that can improve someone’s life just by being there. THANK YOU for being you! ❤


Have you also noticed how when you turn on the news all you see is pain and disappointment? You see people hurting others and not caring on how it affects them and everyone else in the world.
Every day it seems like humanity is out to get each other. The world seems to have an eye for an eye mentality and destruction has become something that’s so common that it happens daily.

Sometimes the darkness can seem so overwhelming it feels like it’s hard to breathe.

So why not switch things around? Turn out the tv, go outside, go to the forest, sit in nature and surround yourself with everything that mother nature has given us.  Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds of the birds.. be aware of the light which is there to lift you up.  It’s not always easy to see how much light there really is. It’s not always clear where the light is and where you can find it.
But it’s not so hard, because you don’t need to search for it: it’s constant and the light is always there. It’s even more simple than that: YOU are the light. You are that beacon of hope for others. Each time you smile at a child, each time you say thank you or just hold the door open for someone, you bring light into their lives.  It’s all about the little things that bring happiness to others and when you spread joy you will instantly shine brighter.

So keep shining that light from within you for others to see, show everyone how bright you are and don’t hold back.. And when you get lost in the darkness again: take a look within and see the diamond that you are. ❤