Archangel Raphaels message about healing

“I am seeing the struggles of your heart and the hurt that you are going through. These pains can settle into your bodies and they can cause you illnesses and discomforts because they are not being released from your nervous system. It is like releasing a virus on the computer without paying attention to it: they can take over and it can cause havoc so you don’t know where to begin looking to remove it.
The same thing happens with your body, it reacts to emotional pain which causes distortion in your body and this shows in different symptoms. The most powerful healing tool that people have is already within their own bodies. It is your precious heart that makes your body function and therein lies the key for healing.

Right now you are opening up your hearts and you are allowing the energies to come into your bodies which can bring up physical and emotional pain for you. This pain has an emotional cause that has settled there a long time ago and is now being released. Many of you are experiencing physical pain that has either never been there or has become worse than before. Know that this is because the higher frequencies are being integrated into your bodies which then collide with the old emotional pains that settled in your muscles and tissues. It is important for you to stay peaceful in this time and to breathe through these energies. Fill yourself with the emerald green light of healing and feel it in your bodies. It is because your heart is being healed that you are able to go deeper into the feeling of love and therefore you can feel the old pain that has not been processed and released yet.

Keep breathing through these energies, dear ones, keep taking care of your emotions and love yourself and your bodies through everything that you are experiencing. Be mindful of your own thoughts and how you feel about yourself because your body listens to you and it responds to it accordingly. Think lovingly and nurture yourself because this is how you heal yourself. “

She-Ra from the Galactic Federation of light

Dear ones, I am with the Galactic Federation of light. I am with the ground crew and we collect information that we bring back on board about life of different species and plants on different planets. We process this information and we use this for the greater good and to create life and bring it to other planets. It is similar as to how your species was created on earth a long time. It was a combination of different species this is why many of you can relate to certain alien materials as this is in your DNA. All of you have different types of blood in you that come from different planets. You are like hybrids gathered from all over the universe. It was an experiment but it is done with the intent of growth and to see how you evolve from being basic beings where you use your insticts to growing into a species that is aware and has a bigger consciousness.

Those of you who have chosen to be awakened at this time is helping humanity to remember their heritage. You will start seeing news coming up about your history, new facts, facts that were hidden from you because this information has been known to some of you for a long time. It was chosen to be hidden from you as this would give you power and the freedom to expand and to grow bigger than those that are in charge. There is a small group in your world that knows the truth and that chooses to hide for you. But thanks to starseeds  you are now receiving the information straight from Source. There is no hiding in this information anymore and many of you will be receiving the truth about where humanity really comes from. It will come in bits and in pieces and use your discernment in all, especially when you feel that it frightens you, disregard it. Don’t pay attention to news that scares you because this means that it is false.

Dear ones, trust above everything your own heart and your feelings, they are your true guides. It is not only us that is passing on information to you but your heart holds all the information that you need to know. Ever heard of clearknowing? It is now available to all of you. You can go straight to your own Source / Heart, which is the same thing, and you can varify your information there. This is how you will be able to clear and get past false information because we see a lot of information being spread about aliens that is false.

Even in spirituality you need to use you discernment because not all comes from a place of unconditional love. When information is being given it first passes the human filter and when this is not clear from obstacles (personal opinions and thoughts) then this might give conflicting information. Once again: above all: trust your higher heart. There is more to come for you, so keep your minds and hearts open to receive.”

Spirit guide Aidan on the importance of taking care of our oceans

“Dear ones. My message is to all those who are reading this. I want to talk to you about the importance of taking care of your waters. The majority of your planet exists out of water and it is essential for life on earth. You have not been taking care of it as you should. It is not receiving the love and the care that it needs. There is pollution happening all over the world. Some of this pollution is being hidden from you.. there are terrible things happening to your waters which make you ill and which you are not even aware of. Everything that is being dumped in the water is being consumed by you which affects your health and wellbeing. Not only does it affect you, it also affects the animals and the future generations. I urge you to take responsibility for your actions towards the water and to do your part. No matter how small it is in what you do: it matters. If you find plastic on the street or trash near the water: pick it up and throw it away. Watch how much water you use and most important: be grateful that you can use this powerful essence and spirit of this element for it is of your service here on earth.

Even if all you can do is raise awareness about te water to others please do so. Make the change happen in yourself and pass it on to others.

I am from another dimension that exists here on earth and under the water. You are being helped with the care of earth but we see what is happening and more of you need to become aware of your own responsibility in the change in the world. Be the change that you wish to see in others. Take matters into your own hands and be strong. You were meant to do this and you can. Be well and be strong, my friends.”

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The angel of love: what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves.

“Dear ones. You can see past physical appearances. You can see me in any man, child, woman and man, I am in all.. when you see that love in others then that is what you experience real freedom. This when you realize that true love is just a reflection of your own love. This why we are striving so hard to help you all with falling in love with yourselves. We are helping you to connect to your heart in a deeper way than people have ever felt before. And you are all doing so well right now.
The purpose of all the celebrities coming to many of you now from beyond the veil is to show you what it is really all about because you can relate to them and their struggles. Many of them have had their own conflicts to overcome and now are coming forward to help you from their own experiences. 

Love is the way to go and we want you to experience that love while you are alive because when you cross over it’s all love..  nothing but love. But our goal is to help you see and feel that here and now. It’s time for you all to embody your own love. Learn how to love yourself again, practice it daily, look in the mirror and say that you love yourself and that you are happy to be the person that you are. Say that from today on you choose to see yourself as perfect and you will see how you will meet people that will confirm your feelings. You will see people smiling at you and you will feel joy just from feeling like you can be your true self and the beauty of it is that other people will feel what you feel and therefore will start to feel their own love too. You are all pieces to a puzzle.. you feel what the other reflects back at you. But you can make the choice to feel happy, it is really a choice.

It will become easier now for you all to get out of heavy emotions without staying there for too long. When you now feel bad and heavy you can just step out of it and observe instead being a participant in these emotions. With all the shifts and changes you are releasing a lot so don’t get stuck on how it used to be in the past for you and break the habit of walking around feeling unhappy for too long. This moment is new and it’s completely up to you to use it in how you want it. So step out of your mind and feeling of heaviness and choose to be happy.. because you will encounter what you will feel inside. Feel love and receive love in return.”

Lemurian guide Philomena talks about our senses being fine tuned

“Hello all. I am Philomena. I am from Lemuria and we used crystals to activate higher frequencies and open portals. These portals would allow for the energies to come through and help to raise the vibration. In Lemuria the sound frequency was often used as a healing and clearing method for the people. As the new frequencies come down to earth some of you might notice that your hearing changes and that these energies actually have a sound to them. Do not worry because your hearing, sensing,smelling and seeing is about to change. It might feel as though you are becoming ill and dizziness might occur as your body is accepting and integrating these higher frequencies.

We are working towards a change and we are doing it as gently as possible but it is when your body has certain pollutions to them that you will feel like you are becoming ill. The places in your body that need the most clearing will be the most painful for you to experiences. I am helping you to go through these shifts as swiftly and as smooth as possible but you have to understand that what you carry in your body and DNA is not something that is only yours, you are holding karmic energy and also your also from your whole family. You are clearing your bloodline and this can cause some discomfort. It is important for you to breathe through the symptoms of upgrading. You might feel anxious as the negative energy is leaving your nervous system. This anxiousness is your body that is parting with the familiar and with the old, so it is afraid of letting it go and why you can feel panic or fear. But this fear will pass, all of this is something that is being cleared. So do not panic, all of this will end when it has completely left your body. This is different for each one of you as this depends on how your body functions. Some will be sleeping a lot and some will be wide awake. You all have your own unique system that works the way it needs to in this moment.

Seek each other out for help, talk about this and reach out. There are many of you who are willing to listen and this is a big cure already. Trust that you will get through this all and that you are being supported.”

The Sirian High Councils message about not fitting into society’s box

“This is a message for all those that have never fit into society, those that were called weird and felt exluded from the popular crowd, those that felt like aliens and were bullied for being different: you are the change-makers of this world. You come from a different place, a different world and reality.

Those of you that never did well in school was because you are unique and your brain operates in a different way then the system wants you to. You have brought your gifts and talents from another dimension that you will now be able to use. All those times you hated yourself for being different and for not understanding why you couldn’t fit in how others wanted you to was really a blessing in desguise.

Now you will be able to use your own unique personality with your own unique traits to help humanity and Gaia shift into a new awareness, into New Earth. You are the gifted children that come from all over the universe. You all are star beings and now is the time to use that what makes you different from others. Don’t see yourself as wrong. Your soul chose to be different so you can excel in being the unique you in this time.

The hardships and the pain are now over.. relax in knowing this and be prepared to start using your souls gifts in a way that is unique to you.

Use your differences to your advantage. You will start finding out where your soul really comes from now and why you have your own specific traits which you are excellent at.. some of you are writers, poets, inventors, coaches or excel in technology. You took these specific abilities with you from your home planets because earth needs your brilliant mind right now.

So we want you to fully let go of the pressure you give yourself of not knowing where you are going or feeling you are not good enough. You simply do not fit into society’s box and you were never meant to. You are your own UNIQUE brand of a multitude of talents that come from beyond this world.

Let these words come into your being and feel the power of it in your whole essence.”

Merlin about Magic

“Hello my dear ones. Magic has been a part of humanity for so long, throughout many many centuries mankind has always used magic to create what they really wished for. Magic had taken many forms and different shapes throughout time but at some point mankind decided to use magic for their own purposes and to misuse it and to harm others. Those who used magic in benefit for others were haunted and killed for their talents and for their open hearts out of fear because mankind hates what it fears.

Hate is coming to surface in this time and hate is just another word for deep fear. You must not be afraid of the ones that are showing hate and fear in this time in your world. You see it being spread out on the news and on tv through movies and even through advertisement. It is being spread out to cause you to feel separated from others. You are all the same, you are all equals, no gender or color is less than anyone else.. you were not created to be imblanced. You were created to love each other through these differences. But somewhere along the way you have forgotten the true magical beings that you are. You were made to see your differences and you are pointed out daily how different you really are to one another.
This is a creation of the mind that leads you to believe that you are less than somebody else which then leads you to hate the other for being different than you because in fact it is YOU who feels less than the other. You are lacking of the belief that you are in fact magic.. that all other beings are just as magical as you are. I am here to remind you that magic is real, it has always existed since the beginning of time and it is still here and available for you to use.

You don’t need a wand to start creating magic.. all you need is your powerful mind and the desire to create whatever that you truly wish for. When I say that you can create anything you truly wish to, I mean ANYTHING that you desire can become a part of your reality. All you need is to BELIEVE that magic is real and many might say that this is a fairytale.. but don’t you know that fairytales are real? Do you remember when you were a child and you believed in all the magic and do you also remember how happy and how joyful you were when you believed in dragons and in fairies? Dare to trust those feelings again when you used to believe in all of this. Your feelings don’t lie, they never do. Go back to those feelings when you felt like you could see and feel beyond what your eyes showed you in this world. Discover the purity of your heart and the innocence of the child that you used to be.

Believe in MAGiC and create the world you want to live in. Anything is possible if you truly believe it to be. “