Sacred union: the truth about the search for your twinflame

“The sacred union is already happening within you. You are merging with your divine counterpart and have been doing so for quite some time. This union is about joining in a force of unconditional love, a divine partnership with the Source energy. You are melting into each other and you are becoming one.. you are two complete and whole parts of ONE. To search for this divine partnership outside of yourself is to not accept that this union is already in your heart. You are not meant to look for your divine partner outside yourself, to crave them and to long for them until your heart aches and bleeds. This is not what the sacred union is about. You are missing the point of this beautiful gift that Source has given you.

We are seeing many of you going into an active search of your other half, many of you that are reaching out to others in despair and asking other gifted lightworkers for advice and predictions of the future. You are not supposed to look for your other half because they are already present within your soul. For those that do not have the agreement with their twinflame to unite in the physical world we want you to know that you do not need to despair and that when you unite with your twinflame in your hearts you will attract your divine partner in the physical reality because this partner will be the reflection of the twinflame love that you carry within yourself.  You see: all is a reflection of who you are inside. If you feel incomplete you will carry on to search to be completed and this will cause you pain. If you choose to feel the love and the sacred union within your heart you will open yourself to receive the divine partnership that you already have within yourself: your wholeness will open the door to a partnership of unconditional love in the physical world.

It does not matter who it will be: twinflame or soulmate, if you feel the love in yourself your divine partner will appear when the time is right for you and it will have the unconditional love that you truly wish. Look within yourself and let go of the need to unite physically: your perfect partner is already within your heart. “

Cordelia the magical fairy about using your fantasy and creativity

I have to say that this is the most FUN message that I have channeled so far. Just her energy made me giggle like a little girl. I feel a lot of playfulness and a very carefree feeling about it… It makes me think that we often take life too serious and don’t have nearly enough fun just being us. Cause honestly, aren’t we all just kids inside? She’ll definitely help you to get out your fun side and forget about being an adult for a while. Do you dare to step into fantasyland? 😉

“Hi, my name is Cordelia and I am from the land of the fairies. When you think of my land you can think of it as a real fairytale. You can come to me and visit me all around the magical forest and discover all of the beings that you have never seen before. Yes, we even have dragons here, we have mermaids and we have pixies flying around. Ever thought that Peter Pan isn’t real? Well, yes it is! What do you think that Peter Pan was really based on? That’s right, the one that came up with this story just knew how to channel our realm.

Many of you channel our realm and you are not even aware of it. All these children’s stories that you tell them before bedtime, these are real stories. All that you come up with from the top of your mind and when you use your fantasy you really tap into our creativity and into our magic. When we notice that you focus your thoughts to think about magic and when you use your fantasy we are instantly there to encourage you in your creativity. Because it is when you use your fantasy and imagination that you really open up a portal or a gateway to the other dimension. When you think of magical creatures you are opening yourself up to our dimension and: oh how we welcome you here! We are encouraging you ALL to tap into your imagination and to use it in your life every day! It is not dreamy, it is not distracting, it is not unreal like you were all told to believe: it is ALL REAL! It is all so magical and it will turn you back into feeling the wonders of life.

You all have a Peter Pan in you.. you all explore our realm in your dreams. You go back to what reality is really about when you close your eyes and when you go to sleep. But wouldn’t this be fun if you would do this during the day too? Wouldn’t it be fun to just feel like you live in magic land all day long? IT IS possible! All you have to do is to believe again and to use your creativity and your mind in a different way then you were taught… AWAY with logic! There’s really nothing logical about anything that you are about to experience in the future. 😉

Have you been thinking about getting into painting again or do you feel like going to an amusement park or just use the swing like you see that child across you in the street? DO IT! Live in the moment, be in the joy, just be the most magical you that you can be! 🙂

We are here to encourage you and support you in any creative thought that you have! On with it, go have some FUN! ❤

Cordelia, the magical fairy from lala land.”

Shamandari from the Ashtar Command

“I am Shamandari. I am with the Ashtar Command. Our mission is to make sure that no harm is done to you from outside influence. We are protecting you to see that you and earth ascends to the next level.. We are under service of Archangel Michael who is Ashtar and leading the way to freedom of humanity.

You do not need to worry about influence from other alien beings that can do harm. There are many of you who still think in seperation and who fear these new beings as they make themselves known to you. You have to understand that the star beings that are connecting to you right now are the ones of a high vibrational state. Others are not allowed to interfere anymore as the Federation of Light is watching over that you all get the necessary help that is from a place of unconditional love.

I am asking for you to step out of the state of fear right now and to open your mind to receiving messages from other star beings that want to connect with you and work with you. Many of you travel to your brothers and sisters during dreamtime and you are working with us to help earth. Yes, you are even participating with us in meetings and help us find ways to help you.

You are all star beings and you all chose to forget and to come back to earth to help your brothers and sisters and you can feel alien being on earth. But we are not out of reach for you. We are all so nearby and so close to you that if you wish to you can even communicate with us yourself. The time will come that all of you will have a clear connection to your galactic family and this time is coming soon.

We want you to be ready for this and to overcome your fear of us. Start noticing us in your thoughts, we use telepathic communication.. you do not need to fear us. You are highly protected.. we are only a thought of way from you and we can help you with anything you wish us to. ”

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Starbeing Anistar from the 7th dimension on expanding your view about lightbeings

“Hello brothers and sisters. I am Anistar and I am here to aid humanity into shifting into the new frequencies of unconditional love that are currently being brought forward to earth. There are many of my kind and other races that are making themselves known to you. Those who are awakened are noticing more of our presence as we wish to connect with you now even more so than ever before. As these frequencies will be rising and will be changing and transforming the lower frequencies as the veil is going to become even thinner and things will become more apparent to you. It is not only you, the ones who are awakened, that will start noticing us but the ones that are asleep will start to see us as well as this is what is set out to happen in the future.

We will no longer be hidden from you and those who wish our help will receive it upon request. You will start to hear others share their experiences of meetings with beings such as ourselves. Know that these are not just stories but that they are true and that more and more will come forward with this information. It is time for humanity to open up their minds and start accepting that there are more different beings out in the universe and that many came to help earth and their brothers and sisters. We do not look the same as you in appearance but our hearts share the same love.

My message for you is not to fear the changes that you are going through right now, as painful and as hopeless as they might seem in the moment they are for the greater good and they will help you to transcend all that is holding you back from moving forward and shifting into the new dimension. All of you have a choice in which you wish to participate and we wish for you to be in the frequency that is aligned with your heart. Open your minds and start seeing with your heart as the truth is far bigger than your eyes can ever reach. Be open to the universal flow and feel the truth in your hearts.”

Spirit guide Charlotte on grounding yourself into New Earth

“My beloved ones. I am coming forward to you in this time to talk to you about the importance of connecting yourself to the blessings of Gaia. Now that the change is happening to New Earth it is time for you to start grounding into the new frequency of New Earth. You are letting go of all that is old and no longer of use to you so it is important to you to welcome the new openly and being fully aware that these new energies are here to amplify your gifts and your talents.

It is for you all important not to look behind and to see how much pain and grief that you have gone through in your lives. It is important to look ahead with a positive attitude and with a positive mind. Now is the time for you to see all that is good in your life and all that is changing for you now. Many cannot see it yet with their eyes but there are big changes waiting ahead of you now.

If you could see how the energies are changing you could see how much more light there is coming down on earth. The light is taking over the whole of earth and what seems to be imbalanced is in fact the lower frequencies being raised to the higher ones. This feels for many as if the world is changing for the worse because chaos is what is being shown. But in reality it is the light that is overcoming the dense energies and they are doing a dance of their own as it is being cleared out.

Gaia is purging and Gaia is adjusting herself to these new energies. You are Gaia’s children and she wishes for you to keep a positive attitude towards all these changes. She is inviting you to connect with her and to feel her power, although this purging is an unpleasant one it is necessary for all of you to go through this so you are able to hold the new codes in your bodies.

Today I invite you to stand with your feet in the New Earth and to envision the roots from your feet going deeply and firmly into the ground of this beautiful New Earth. Feel the power and the love coming from Gaia all through your body. Gaia is a master healer and she will heal your bodies as your bodies are a gift from her. She will infuse your every cell with love and with healing. Do this daily until you feel connected to her soul and until you feel that you are ONE with her for she holds the power to heal us all.”

Quan Yin talks about compassion

“My dear ones. I am Quan Yin and I am here to talk to you about how to reach peace within yourself through compassion. There are many that are struggling that cannot find comfort and peace within their souls. When you look around you and when you see the pain that others are causing themselves and onto others it is creating an irritation and discomfort within your being. You are influenced by situations outside of you that you feel are unjustified or that cause great grief. You are all empathic beings and within your soul you carry an immense amount of compassion and love for all that is living.

It is hard for human beings to go deep within themselves and to feel this compassion for all because there is a part of you that does not want to approve the hurt that you are seeing and feeling. You want to hold on to it because you feel that it would be wrong to forgive others for actions that are distressing another living being. There is a belief in you that when you forgive another and understanding and compassion that you agree with their actions.

Dear ones, I am here to say that it isn’t so, that forgiveness and compassion is already a part of your being and that by going deep into that feeling you are recognizing others as part of creation and as a part of unconditional love just like yourself.
By showing compassion towards others is merely recognizing the divinity in another human being and when you do this then you allow for healing to take place in yourself and you will feel the unconditional love swirling around in your heart.  Forgiveness and compassion is one of the most strongest feelings of love one can have and with this you will feel peace. You will feel peace because you will see that every living being that is here on earth is a Divine creation. Each and one of you are magnificent beings of light. I hold compassion and unconditional love for you all. I am Quan Yin and I love you.”

Archangel Gregory on releasing anger and frustration

”Hello my dear beloved earthy family. My name is Gregory and I am here to explain to you what is happening to earth in this moment with all its changes. The earth is changing its frequency and therefore everything that once was of service to you is part of an old system and is now being removed from the core.  This goes through different layers of Gaia and she is shedding old energy that has been present for a long time. The earth has been shedding for some time now and the energies that you are feeling are increasing and they are becoming stronger and more powerful,  this affects you physically as it does emotionally. Many of you are feeling anger and frustration coming to surface in this time. I want you to know that Gaia is purging these energies now and therefore you are all collectively being forced to release these too. This is why there are so many fires and why the weather seems to be extreme. In order for these negative emotions to be released and transmuted earth needs to bring it to surface and so this is brought forward in you too.

But do not despair because these emotions that are being released and transmuted are making space for light to come into your hearts and for the new energies to settle in your body. Your bodies will become stronger and diseases will not affect you as they used to in the past. The body is going through a detox as you are purging the old. It has no place in your bodies anymore:: you will feel better and you will be stronger.  The spiritual detox is necessary for you as you are shifting to the new fifth dimensional vibration.

I will help you to release  and transmute the emotions of frustration and anger in these times when you call upon me. I am here of service to all of humanity.”