Elemental guide Dante: how to raise your vibration to joy to remove stagnant energy from your body

“Greetings dear ones. Now that the frequencies are rising you are all becoming more sensitive and aware of the higher vibrations. You can work with these energies to create what you truly desire.
With these higher frequencies you will be able to shift faster from heavy emotions and negative feelings into a state of happiness and peace. You will be able to go move easier through them, everything will become more gentle for you.

There is one specific frequency I would like to discuss with you and this is the frequency of joy, for this is the frequency that gives you the ability to open yourself up to receive more of what you wish. When you feel heavy and when you feel like life is pulling you down instead of dwelling in this emotion you can do the opposite and you can do something that makes you happy. It is hard for you to shift your perspective as worry is something that pulls you down and wants to keep you down. I challenge you now to switch your focus and energy from worry to something that makes you happy.

Go out and have a swim, go dancing, do some singing, meet your friends and play a game, be active! Move your body so that the energy that is stagnant in your body will start moving and everything that moves can then also leave your body. Think of it as a river where the water is gently flowing and how the fish move forward with the flow, this is what your energy will be doing too. It is when the energy is standing still that you carry this around in you and you even hold on to it so it has no opportunity to leave. By doing something active you are forcing that energy to move and at the same time you are inviting the frequency of joy to fill your body and your cells which then causes you to be in a state of joy because you feel it in your whole body.
This is why people who exercise and have an active physical life are tapped into the Source energy more than the ones that sit still. Everything is energy and energy is always moving, this is the natural state of energy: you can’t hold it because it switches and it moves, it is fluid. When you hold it by thoughts and energies like worry and stress it becomes heavy and it is more dense because the vibration is lower. When the vibration is lower it gets thicker and solid and this is what you want to avoid, because this is what will cause you to block your chakra’s. The perfect way to change that is to shake it off… literally shake it off! Put on that tune on your radio and dance!

Switch your perspective dear ones: you are not meant to sit in density, you are now able to switch energies fast and easy. Use this ability and this gift for your benefit and you will see how your energy will change. Today put on your dancing shoes and show them what you got!”

Collective energy update 25/09/2018

Me and my gifted friend Anisha Ana have been working with the collective energy and we have been given information on what is happening in this moment between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies. Since we both carry these energies within ourselves every single one of us is feeling the shifts that are happening.

The collective masculine energies carry old patterns and corrupt energies that they inherited from the ancestors (the grandfathers). These energies carry abuse of power through sexuality as this was a way for them to gain control. They also feel pressured because they feel they have to live up to an expectation that they have to be the provider, the caretaker of his family, the one that has to be responsible for the whole family. Because these old masculine energies are still within our divine masculine they collide with the divine feminine energy within us. The feminine energy feels oppressed and abused as she recognizes the corruption in the masculine and therefore she feels enraged. So you can feel a lot of anger coming up in this time. You can feel Kali energy emerging and taking over your emotions as she pushes away the masculine. This is what we are feeling in our bodies right now: the masculine is now shedding the old codes and programming so that the feminine can accept the new divine masculine. You will feel this as pressure in your head, neck and shoulders, the womb and stomach area. There is more to be released the upcoming days and you might feel light headed, restless sleep, feeling hungry but not being able to eat.

The angelic team explains how you can tap into your heart to create instead of following your fearful mind

When you are feeling doubt and having negative thoughts about yourself or about your life you are connected to your mind. Because this is where it all starts. Your initial feelings about anything happen in the mind. When you let your thoughts dwell in your mind for too long they become your reality and it then seems as you have no options but to feel and think the way you do. One thought leads to another one where you create and attract situations that were birthed from a single thought. The next step for your body is to react to your thoughts and because you have focused on your thoughts so long and made up other negative beliefs you start to begin to feel the ‘truth’ of your creation. Your body starts responding to these thoughts as if they are already real. You start to feel the anxiety and you start to embody the vibration of fear like these thoughts and situations you created in your mind have already manifested themselves into your life. This causes you to lower your vibration and then you feel like you are in a limbo with no way of getting out of it. All of this happens with a single thought that you allow to take over and lead a life of its own. This is what your mind will do when you do not connect to the frequency of your heart.

How do you connect to your heart? First you have to understand that the frequency of your heart is the highest vibration there is. It is the connection to the Universe where you can find limitless access to peace, love, joy, wisdom and many other supportive energies. Think of your heart as having the biggest energy field in your whole body. Your heart has an immense energy field that starts in the center of your body. Your heart is intelligent, it has its own wisdom and it always follows the Higher Intelligence.

When you have a negative thought you have to become aware of this thought. Be very mindful of your own self talk and what you allow yourself to think. When you become aware of a thought like this then turn your focus on your heart. You close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out and you focus with your mind on your heart and then you let go of this thought into the infinite Source of your heart frequency. You just release this thought from the moment you feel the energy of your heart. That energy is the strongest one there is and it can transform anything into Love. Love conquers all, remember?

This is something to make a daily practice of. Your thoughts occur daily in your mind. You even take over other peoples thoughts and you can create situations from these thoughts that do not serve your higher good. Creation and manifestation do not happen when you THINK but they happen when you FEEL. So think happy thoughts and create from a state of peace and joy. Instead embodying the vibration of doubt and negativity start creating from positive thoughts and then you will start creating what your heart truly desires and not what your mind fears.

Make a distinction in what is a fear based thought and what you truly feel inside. Your heart never fears because it holds the Infinite Truth. Use this power to your advantage and create what you truly feel inside. Your mind will follow your heart once you bring balance in these energies.

You can practice in meditation as this connects you to your heart and just by doing this once a day you will be able to feel the peace in yourself and feel the difference when you are constantly in your mind. If you can’t meditate you can go for a walk in nature and let your thoughts be immersed in the energy of it by listening to the birds or feeling the breeze on your skin. Even when doing the dishes focus on how you feel the water on your hands and let yourself be fully present in the moment. You don’t have to make a huge effort to connect to your heart.. You can always do this by simply focusing your thoughts on being in the present moment.. The present moment is your connection to Source energy. When you are present and fully focused on feeling the magic in the moment you are already in your heart space. It is that simple!

Enjoy your day today and be the creator of your heart.”

My spirit guide team and Archangel Michael explain why we have struggles with receiving money

Everyone that I know has had some kind of struggle with money. I have experienced this my whole life and it can give you so much fear when you feel that you won’t have enough to survive or that you have to work your butt off just to have enough.
I noticed that I have a heavy beliefsystem when it comes to money. My relationship with money has always been one where I felt I needed to work hard to earn it and somehow it is easier to receive money when you work for someone else because it’s THEM setting how much you are worth and it’s just easier to accept. But when I try to work for myself I noticed that my self-worth isn’t great and that I have a hard time charging what I believe I am worth. How come it is so hard to think of money as something that is flowing easily in our lives? Why is money a dirty word? Why is it something that we never seem to have enough of and why we need to work hard to prove our worth?

**The symbol in the picture is to  bring balance and harmony within our system about money.**

I asked this question to my spirit team and Archangel Michael took the word to explain :

“When it comes to money we have to go back many, many centuries to define your relationship with it. Humanity is a young species and it has been looking for ways to make the system a beneficial one to gain wealth and to gain power. Since the early days you have made money to be an exchange of energy. The human history has gone through violence and through centuries of abuse, pain and you have also used money in a way that reflects this energy. Money is one of the oldest energies that exists on earth.

Now when you look back at how money has been used and misused throughout time you will understand why it is loaded with such heavy energy. Those of you that have been on earth many times and have incarnated here always have had encounters with money and with power. Each and one of you have been in the role of the poor and in a role of the rich. This is significant for your growth in experiencing what it is to be on each side of these energies for they all gave you great knowledge in your souls growth.

When you incarnate you come back in a body that has a cellular memory and you come with karmic lessons. Since all of you have had lives where you used money and went through the pain of lacking money or being abused by someone that has had power because of their wealth you are carrying this in your cellular memory. Think of the lives where you were poor and living on the streets, where you were a prostitute and had to sell your body to survive, when you were a slave and people made money by using you, where you had to work hard to make ends meet to take care of your family.. this is something that you carry in your cellular memory and that can hold you back from having a loving relationship with money because subconsciously you remember what you needed to do for money in order to survive. This is what many of you feel when you think of earning money: for you this is a means to survive so that you can have food and everything you need.
You can have fear or even panic attacks when you think of what it would be like not to have money. This is all from your karmic experiences from lifetimes where you had to survive. Now it is time to change this and we have been working on your DNA to change it and to release this from your cellular memory. In this moment this is what is being worked on. There needs to be harmony within yourself so that you can create abundance from a place of wholeness, not from a place of lack. Many of you are feeling the urge to start working for yourself and many of you struggle to get passed the feeling that you cannot do it on your own and that you are not good enough to charge what you offer from your hearts. Know that this is something that is in the collective energy and it has to do with what is in your cellular memories. It is being cleaned and cleared out so that you can pursue your endeavors in faith and in trust that you are going to be taken care of because the Universe is in support of you all.
Many of you, lightworkers in particularly, are struggling to charge what you feel is worth because you are feeling the dense energy when it comes to money. We encourage to continue to feel your self-worth and to pursue your talents and passions for you are guided all the way and you will not be left in a place where you need to struggle to earn money. Open up your hearts to receive abundance and feel that you are worthy to have an income that you need.

Work actively to change your perception on money and that earning money has to be something you need to suffer through. The suffering is over, the pain and the abuse are over, you are safe and you are guided through every step of your journey. Trust your hearts and open yourself to receive all that you need. You are safe and you are loved, I am Michael.”
Some affirmations to reprogram your mind and your cells:

I am worthy of receiving all that my heart desires
I open the door to abundance and I receive with an open heart
I am a magnet for money
I receive money from following my passion
Money flows to me easily
I am open and ready to receive money
I attract money from unexpected sources and I am grateful
I welcome money into my life and I am ready to receive it

Archangel Uriel about finding peace in who you are within

“My dear ones. I have stepped forward to share to you my message to have the faith and the trust to be yourself and to find the peace that you are all longing for.
You are often looking for power outside of yourself and you are seeking validation from others to make sure you know that you are on the right path. It is hard when you do not know who you are deep inside and to have trust in yourself in knowing that you are doing the right thing. You are often doubting yourself: in who you are, in what you do, in what you feel and even in what you are thinking. These doubtful thoughts about yourself are only pushing you away from who you really are. Instead of validating your qualities it is actually causing a greater distance of your own self knowledge. There is no greater power than the power of knowing who you are. As you have often heard everything starts with self love and how deep you are able to understand and love yourself.
You are judging yourself for your journey in this life and you are hard on yourself when you fail to achieve your own goals.

Have you ever considered that your own true goal is to be truly yourself in whichever way you choose to express this? We all see you as Light that has forgotten how bright it really shines. So we are helping you for the search of your inner knowledge. In fact you are all looking for the same thing in life. You are all seeking to feel love and to be loved in return. But in order to do this you first must know what it is that your soul is truly all about. As these times move ahead you are integrating more of your higher self into your human body and you will start to feel more love for the things that you have not felt before, you will start to discover that you do not really like or dislike certain things that you used to. You will see that you are much more than who you thought you were.
It is like a whole new world will open to you and you will feel and see all these possibilities that you are ready to discover. Some of you are already feeling the urge to explore different areas of life and wanting more out of life. This is your soul coming into your body even more than ever before.

I wish for you to start going inside your own heart to find the security and the validation that you are looking for outside of yourself. Get to know yourself: what do you feel, what do you love, what is your deepest desire? Don’t be afraid to accept the changes that you are feeling right now for you are becoming a different person then you used to be. Accept these changes about yourself and explore your inner world like a child that is on a new playground and feel the peace come over you.

I am with you on your journey and I am delighted to see how you evolve and grow into the souls that you truly are. I am here to help you to feel the peace within and to help you drop into your heartspace so that you too can experience this feeling of love. I am Archangel Uriel”

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Goddess Savannah: compassion towards yourself

“I am Savannah and I am going to talk to you about having compassion towards yourself today. In these times of rapid changes and of new and accelerating energies it is hard to see through the layers of density and through the pain that you are going through. Some of you are struggling with the change and some of you are tired of not being able to catch yourself or to lose yourself in these high vibrational energies. Sometimes it can feel to you like you are a fighting a battle and when you seem to get better you get thrown back into an emotion or wound that you thought you have already had passed.

My dear ones, please take care of yourselves like you would care for another, show yourself the love and the compassion that of which you would show to another. You are all innocent and you too deserve the care and the love that you desire deep inside. It is when you feel the care and the love for yourself that you will be able to relax and take a deep sigh of relief.  Treat yourselves with the utmost compassion, care and softness.

 I would like for you all to sit down for a moment and feel the energy of your heart. When you connect to the frequency of compassion you will be immersed in the most peaceful and loving frequency that you can imagine.  Start today with calling in this frequency into your energy space and you will carry it for the rest of the day. Set your intention daily to feel it and you will see how it will be reflected back it you from others.

You are all the carriers of Source energy and it is your choice on which energy you wish to feel and to experience. So please, dear ones, be mindful of the power that you have within to create what you wish and what you want to feel in your lives.

I wish you well, beloved ones and I am here of service to you all.”

My higher self speaks on how to access your own wisdom

“Hello my dearest and beloved earth family. I am pleased to connect with you all as I love earth dearly and I enjoy connecting to you every single one of you.

 Today I want to talk to you about the wisdom in your own hearts. These are the times where all is made available to you, where once information wasn’t accessible to you now it is completely open and free to access it for you. You often feel like you cannot tap in it yourself but all that is hindering for you in doing so is your own mind. Your mind tends to stop you from feeling into your own heart and find the answers there yourself. My purpose is to help you with connecting you back to your soul because you have all been given this power by Source for you to use. Many of you do not know how to start accessing this divine information in yourself and now you are wondering:  “but how do I do to that? How do I possibly start listening to my own inner voice?”

 You start by taking a deep breath in and asking your body to help you clear your mind. Then you invite your higher self to speak to you. Your higher self is your own inner voice and the next step is to TRUST. To trust that what you hear, see, feel, experience is in fact your own soul speaking to you. Now that you are shifting into a higher dimension your awareness is expanding which means that you are now integrating more of your higher self into your bodies. It will become natural for you to speak from a place of love and to be connected to your heart / Higher Self.

I would like you to start being aware when you speak from your heart and truth that this is in fact your higher self speaking through you. This is why we are all encouraging for you to start taking the steps to live from your heart and to follow your passions. ALL is available to you right now, you do not have to slave away to earn money. You don’t have to be submissive to have a good life. You do not have to be less than who truly are inside to SHINE like the mighty and bright stars that you are. The ones who are reading this will feel the truth in these words and they will give you power for all messages that are written from the heart have healing and activating codes. I am here to work with you and to help you access your own Source power so that YOU can rise above any obstacle that you are fearing in your life. You were meant to be great, you were meant to be powerful. Don’t you know that YOU are a true leader?

 It is time now.. it is time for every single soul that is reading this to stand up and love so deeply that you honor your souls wish. I love you now and I always will.”

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