The twin flame union

A huge text AND video here where I talk about divine union within. The first day in a long time I feel like a “normal” human being. As normal as I can be anyway. 😅As a collective we are now rising above the illusion of seperation. We are on the path of discovering that we are whole and always have been. The programming and old belief systems cannot keep us seperated from our own divine masculine and feminine union within.How is it beneficial for us to be aware of this integration and union happening within us?Do you know what is happening within you right now and what is changing with your own masculine and feminine energy?The divine feminine and masculine union (aka twin flame union) is a powerful integration of your own soul in its wholeness and completion.It will throw out all the junk that keeps you from feeling home, safe, loved, happy, free, peaceful within your own body and in this world.In this video I share a little about the current energies and my experiences of merging with my divine masculine. It is a fascinating journey and I have learned that there is truly no seperation from my own masculine self. I am him and he is me in the most literal sense you can think of!

The summer offer of the twin flame + Turkish coffee reading is still up for €88!

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