Magical February Promotion

💙Higher self portraits for €222 instead of €300

🌈Watercolor painting, size 260mm x 180mm (10″ x 7″)

⚡️Available spots: 3

⚡️Delivered by email in approximately 30 days

⚡️payment via PayPal – in advance

Our soul is the purest light in the universe, yet we are not always able to see that part of ourselves. The soul is always wanting to connect deeper with our human self. I am creating soul portraits for those that are ready to see their own light and beauty through.

Have you been wanting to see what your higher self looks like and what message they have for you? Now is the time! I will tune in with your higher self and paint the image they want me to relay to you. It will be delivered with a channeled personal message.

You can make a donation here

I look forward to connecting with you and thank you all for your support! 😊

You can contact me through the contact form and I will get back to you asap!

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