Discover Your Soul Program

** Discover Your Soul program : €444 with Anisha Ana and Dana Grozdanova

As time goes by you can feel yourself lost and feel like you do not belong here. You don’t know why you are here and what you are supposed to do. You don’t know the reason and purpose behind your presence here on earth. Your life seems to be a (financial) struggle and you see no way of improving it, your life feels like you are surviving rather than being happy. You have searched and thought about many ways to change your life but you do not see a way out of it and you feel stuck in your current situation because you lack direction and you feel unsupported to take any action to change it. You don’t know who you are and you feel insecure, you feel deeply and you care about others much more than you care about yourself. You can see the potential in others and their purpose much more clearly than you can see yourself. You value others opinions over yours and you put others above yourself. You have had a hard childhood and experiences throughout life and you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries for yourself.

The goal is to strip down all who you think you are and reveal the core of your being.
We have been in a place a place of doubt and questioning of what we are doing here and wondering if this is all there is to life. Did we really come here to do all these mundane things over and over again? We have felt lost and we have felt lonely because we felt like missing something in life and not doing what we came here to do.
But by going through all the layers of our emotions and by healing and clearing
(childhood)trauma’s and beliefsystems we have come to see who we really am in our core. Beneath all the untruths that were created and put on us by others we have come to see who we really are inside. We have found our passion, strength and courage to do what we love to do.
This is our purpose, this is our mission and we are here to guide you to help you find yours.

What will this program do for you?
With this program you will gain clarity and understanding in who you truly are inside. You will see your authenticity and you will be able to feel your Truth and know your core values and beliefs. You will discover what makes you happy and you will be able to make the necessary steps to change your life and live from your heart without any blockages or fears holding you back anymore. You will be able to see what you are really passionate about and what your purpose is in life. You will be able to align to the vibration of your heart to create the life that you desire.

Who is this program for?
Lightworkers, starseeds, awakened people and anyone who is ready to commit to do the work to live from the heart and to walk your true path in confidence.

How does the program work?
*Every week you will receive a video explaining a topic that you will be working on: this will give you clarity about specific issues and how you can deal with them. There is always a separate video with meditation provided and you will get an assignment that you have to do by the next live call.
*Every week there is a live video call via skype to ask questions, share experiences and to discuss your tasks from the previous week.
*The video’s, the meditations, the live calls will have (dna) clearings, healings and activations.
*You will get personal healing transmissions and also group healings.

The program starts on 05/18/2019

WEEK 1 * 05/18/2019
  • Video 1: Introduction of our energy and what the program entails.
    *This video is about which energetic activations and healings will happen during this program. We tell you who we are, what we will do, why you chose this program and what you can expect during the coming weeks.
  • Meditation video: how to meditate.
  • Assignment: Keep a diary. Learn to stay in the now and meditate.
WEEK 2- 3 * 05/25/2019
  • Video 2: Explanation about the power of grounding: what are the benefits and how to recognize when you are not grounded
  • Meditation video: how to ground
  • Live call: Q&A / discussion of assignment week 1
  • Assignment: Continue to meditate and ground daily
WEEK 3-4 * 06/01/2019
  • Video 3: Explanation about chakras
    *Balancing / healing chakras: explanation of what chakras are and the importance of purifying and activating them.
  • Live call: Q&A + group healing and grounding transmission
  • Meditation video: balancing chakra / healing + cutting cords with AA Michael.
  • Assignment: Visualize the colors of each chakra and feel how each chakra works: is it large, does it rotate, is it blocked?
WEEK 5-6 * 06/08/2019
  • Video 4: Explanation of what karma is and how it is connected to our bloodline. How do belief systems attach themselves to our bodies? Where do our belief systems come from? How many ethereal bodies do we have and how do they work? Including a meditation and dna clearing / healing.
  • Live call: Q&A / discussion of task week 3/4
  • Meditation video: Clearing and healing your DNA coding
  • Assignment: Meditate and ground daily
WEEK 7-8 * 06/15/2019
  • Video 4: Inner child healing
    *Explanation of the importance of your mother’s experience during pregnancy and what effect this has on you in the present. Discussion of what fears you carry that started in the womb because you have received this from your mother and father. Feelings such as: anger, depression, anxiety, expectations are discussed.
  • Meditation video: Let the old parents and old child go. Welcome and integrate the new and healthy parents.
  • Assignment: Write down who makes the decisions: the child with the trauma or the healthy and loving adult within you? From which place do you make decisions for yourself and from which place do you respond?
Week 9 -10 * 06/22/2019
  • Video 6: Balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine by bringing healing into it.
  • What does the female represent?
  • What does the male represent?
  • How to live from your own male and female strength
  • Live video call: Q&A / discussion task from week 7-8
  • Meditation: Connection between inner man and woman through the heart. The Divine fusion within.
  • Assignment: Write down which energy you use the most: the female or the male?
WEEK 11-12 * 06/29/2019
  • Video 7: Explanation about communication with our higher self, our guides and how this happens.
    *Discussion about different aspects of ourselves from other dimensions and how you can use them. Explanation about other planets and dimensions.
  • Meditation: Connecting with your higher self
  • Assignment: Connect with your higher self / guides and write down what your experiences are: ask what your soul path is and what you will do here. What are the next steps you need to take?
WEEK 14-15 * 06/07/2019
  • The last live call: How did your process go after the program and do you have more clarity about your soul path?

If you would like to join this program or more information feel free to connect with me through email: or Facebook.