Heal Your Heart: sessions

Heal your wounds and feel free: €75 instead of €111! (1 hour live call through Zoom or Skype)


~ Do you feel like you cannot see a way through your current situation and do feel like you need clarity about what you are experiencing?
~ Are you repeating patterns and moving in a circle not being able to find a way out?
~ Do you want to understand and become aware of what is holding you back from moving forward?
~ Do you want to heal your emotions and feel free again?

This one hour session is focused on one specific issue that you are struggling with.
I will help you to bring clarity and awareness to your current issue so that you can understand what and why you are experiencing the challenge in your life.

Through guidance by the wisdom of Spirit we will bring light into the part that is in the darkness and so this will help you to embrace the aspects of yourself that are in pain. You will receive a healing transmission during our connection so that you can release all that is no longer of service and heal your heart.

I will be the bridge that connects you to the healing power of your heart so that you will be able to receive the love that will shift your energy into a higher frequency and state of awareness.

What will the result be?

  • You will feel lighter and freed
  • You will gain wisdom and understanding about yourself
  • You will heal the necessary layers within so that you can have a deeper connection with yourself and Source
  • Your awareness and consciousness will shift into a higher frequency
  • You will feel empowered and you will know how to connect to the wisdom of your heart
  • You will be able to access the healing power of your heart
  • You will move deeper into self-awareness and self-love

These sessions are there to re-connect you to your heart and to activate your own healing powers. To help you feel the love inside so that you can feel the guidance and the support that you have within. Everything that you have ever been looking for starts within your own heart.

Does this mean that I will be doing all the work for you and giving you the answers? No. These sessions are about YOU taking the steps to re-connect with the light of your own heart.

I will be your guide, I will be your support, I will be the channel of the wisdom of Spirit and I will be the bridge that connects you to your own pureness so that you can be in the flow of life.

Are you ready to open your heart and move deeper into love?
Contact me through email: grozdanovadana@gmail.com or connect with me on Facebook to book your session!