WBYM Healing sessions

WBYM healing session

A Will Blow Your Mind Healing session!


Introductory offer: Live (Skype) or recorded (+/- 45 min) WBYM Healing Session with Anisha Ana and myself :€111 ($126) / normal price is €222 ($252)

What is a WBYM healing session?
This “Will Blow Your Mind Healing Session” is focused on what you are currently experiencing. We will tune into your energy and see what needs to be healed and cleared by doing an energy scan of your body. Activations, clearing of attachments, DNA healing, chakra clearing, cord cutting, clearing of blockages, healing of past lives and ancestral karma, helping you to connect deeper to your heart and integrate more of your higher self by healing old trauma’s and wounds.
Channeling of Angelic energy, Star energy and other galactic energies.

What will be the result?
You will feel peaceful and you will have gained clarity in your emotions.
You will feel more comfortable in your skin because you will feel grounded and you will be released from feeling pressure in yourself.
You will be able to love yourself deeper and live in a more authentic way because you will see your true self and stand in your power.

Why work with us?
When you work with us we can hold a large energy field where we receive a very powerful download and information from Spirit. The healing and activations are twice as strong. Both of us receive specific information through our own channel and we transmit healing energy in an effective way so that you can heal in the way that is needed for you. We are able to bring down higher energies so that they can be downloaded and grounded into your energetic field and body.

For more information or to book a session e-mail me or connect through Facebook.

Here is a review from the WBYM session:
Mis Luchsinger:
“Prior to the WBYM session I had three days ago, I felt like I was suffocating; I could hardly take a full, deep breath. I was carrying so much pain and sadness and felt like I was drowning. I was unsure where it was coming from, because generally I am positive, and have much to be grateful for. The WBYM session granted me so much peace! I have felt lighter, and truer to myself each day following the session. One of the most important pieces of the session was cutting a cord between my mother and me. We have never gotten along, and, I describe her as an awful human. I had to meet my family (parents, sisters, kids) for breakfast to celebrate my mom’s birthday the morning after my WBYM session. This was the first time that I can recall not almost hyperventilating, breaking out in hives, and getting into an argument and, “ruining” the get-together. I walked away from that meeting with so much hope that I can coexist in this world with my mother and I will be okay. The other significant piece for me is that, although it has only been three days, and I expect to have some missteps, they have helped me to heal my self-love. I have battled with bulimia for over 25 years, and I am eating to nourish my body with love, rather than to sabotage by binging and purging. These two have provided me with tools to help me to incorporate them into my daily life so I can continue to feel peaceful, free, and happy. We did this session from across the globe, and my only regret is that I don’t have the opportunity to see Dana and Anisha in person to thank them face to face and hug them! If you are having any doubts of booking this session, put them aside. These two women are magic and will changE

Ewa Chachlowska: ” I would like to share some insight after my WBYM session with Dana and Anisha. Their loving, compassionate energy is blissfuly overwhelming! It’s not every day that one gets to work with this kind of energy! Ladies you are wonderful and I love you very much! Thank you for your patience in explaining all of my questions those I have expressed and those I held in my heart. It wasn’t easy to open up but it was worth it! I must say that I left the session bit confused with my own feelings and it just got worse next day and day after. A lot of emotions came up for a healing and it was hard. But that is how it works, those feelings need to get processed and healed and it just had to happen at its own pace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart now that it all has settled and I feel light and at peace. I am back to my loving self! Thank you helping me to heal my wounds and get the understanding I needed . I feel very blessed to have a chance to work with you! Anisha your wonderful shamanic charm and Dana your loving heart are a true gift! I couldn’t recommend your services more! I bow to you both! Much love! 💓”

Lisa Vinquist Dodd:
“Hello friends! Just wanted let you all know I had a WBYM session Monday with Dana and Anisha Ana, and indeed my mind was blown. I highly recommend this healing session! The session began with Anisha picking up on negativity around me which she said I was absorbing. They cleared the energy and then they began with my body scan. I had a heavyness and blocks in my solar plexus. As well as a cord attached at the back of my heart. They called in guides and my ancestors, as well as an aspect of myself , that is an America Indian Shaman , to sort out my issues, and help bring healing! Toward the end of my session, Anisha said the negative energy felt in the beginning was actually the spirit of an elderly woman who had been hanging around since I purchased my condominium 16 yrs ago. I never felt the presence. However my daughter and grandchildren would comment on feeling watched, or disturbed in their sleep. Anyway, I asked how we get her to move on. Anisha and Dana called in Arch Angel Michael to lead her home. I am feeling better, but know I have work to do myself calling in the light and standing in my own power. I do highly recommend you all treat yourselves to the experience! You will be amazed at who shows up for you and what you will learn about yourself! Thank you Dana and Anisha! I have much Love and gratitude for each of you! I will do it again one day!” 


  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy you’re both doing this!
    TOGETHER these 2 amazing woman are magic!
    SO MUCH information comes! Record it!


  2. I had a WBYM session yesterday and it truly did blow my mind! These ladies are so tapped into source. I have felt like my heart was breaking for many years now with no reasonable explaination. Anisha and Dana were able to tap into a past life and discovered a part of my soul was missing. It left during a particularily bad life. They helped put it back, plus they discovered and revealed so much about my past and current life and my relations with many family members. It was so enlightening and really helped me to get back on track. I have a long way to go in my healing, but now I have hope, which is a strange feeling after feeling hopeless for so many years. I can’t thank the two of you enough! Much love and gratitude to both of you.


  3. Greetings my name is Delores. I have booked a WBYM session and I am excited to meet you. My mind has already been blown during your YouTube womb healing, such powerful energy you two Exude. I love you.


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