Twin Flame Reading

Twin flame tarot card reading + Turkish coffee €88
(Recorded video, approximately 40 minutes)

The twin flame union is happening!
🌟Have you been feeling the effects of the integration of your divine masculine and divine feminine and would like clarity on it?
🌟Would you like to know what is happening with your masculine / feminine energies?
🌟Do you want to know what you are currently processing and where you are headed?
🌟Would you like to hear what your divine counterpart is experiencing?

For those on the path of the twin flame union know that this is a challenging time of integration and expansion.
This reading is focused on the union of your masculine and feminine energies.
This is happening within you first so that this will be manifested and reflected in any relationship you wish to have.

Is your twin flame out there in the physical world? Then this reading will give you clarity on what they are experiencing on an energetic level!
It will help you to understand and feel better into your own process of merging with your divine complement.

A twin flame journey is a powerful heart awakening! Are you interested in finding out more about your own divine masculine and femine energies?

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⚡Delivery in approximately 9 days