Karen A. Baquiran: “Dana has done several services for me! I’ve had the pleasure of receiving such a beautiful portrait of me and my twin flame with an amazing and powerful message! Her drawings are so empowering and activating! And the artwork is absolutely stunning. I also received a Turkish Coffee reading and she couldn’t have been more accurate. She picked up on exactly where I was at that point, what I needed to work on, what my powers are. She told me that there were these big beings waiting for me to cross over into success… as they were patiently waiting for me to close one door and open this magical one.. and here I am. I feel their presence and power and abundance as I step into my own power and into a new chapter! Lastly, she has done a Twin Flame Tarot card reading, which again was eerily accurate and relevant to where I am at today. The Divine messages were so spot on and it highlighted my strengths and the places that I need more attention and awareness. I believe so much in Dana’s gifts and capabilities of offering people guidance in their life. I trust in her abilities and connect so deeply with her messages of truth and love. Thank you Dana! I am so grateful for your art, your wisdom and unconditional love.”

H.C.: ”Dana is amazing. Every time I come to her for a service, she delivers above and beyond. I recently received the tarot twin flame reading and it exceeded my expectations. She gave me clear insight into my divine masculine & feminine on a physical and spiritual level.I feel I have so much more understanding of where I am and where I am heading. If you need clarity, I would highly recommend her services!”

M. N.: “I had a beautiful reading with Dana; it deeply resonated with me to the point of moving me to tears. Even before the reading I was feeling a strong pull and I’m really glad I followed that nudge. Dana is very in tune, and all through, very kind and thoughtful. I cannot thank you enough

Indira Santos R.:
“I appreciate, thank and share the wonderful work that Dana does, I have had a wonderful and beautiful coffee reading, thank you very much for your talent and the work you do, you have given me clarity and expansion to certain points of my experience which was not So aware, it is always beautiful to find souls with a simple, loving and fun energy like you.”

Sofia Hemadou: “Just had a coffee reading with Dana. She was so spot on. it confirmed what I knew and I was guided to more insight I had no information about yet resonated with me. I truly recommend this reading. Dana is very gifted gentle and loving. Much Gratitude!”

Tena M. Dodds:
“I followed Dana for awhile, in amazement of her abilities as an artist and channeler. Bringing forth heart-centered messages of empowerment and connection from beyond the Veil. I then was called to order a drawing for my partner and it came in perfect divine timing. It was absolutely everything she needed at the time, reconnecting with the magic within her and all around us through the Fae realm. It was PERFECT in every way possible and I’m so grateful to Dana for sharing her talents with us and the world. I highly recommend receiving a magical transmission and supporting her in her life’s purpose and mission to bring us back to the heart space and know we are always loved and supported.”

Christine Gillie Ramos: “I love Dana’s Drawings!! I am definitely a return customer! Each one of her drawings are so beautiful and I learn so much about myself, as well as others, as we are all connected and one. Her messages are so beautiful and meaningful, and so much of them rings true for me. I highly recommend getting one of her drawings done as it has helped me and my friends in finding ourselves with self discovery.”

Shane Collinson: “I love and adore the beautiful channeled artwork and messages Dana has done for me, and helped me connect with my guides, Allies and aspects in the higher realms. I can feel the frequency of my soul shining through the drawings. I also find the channeled written messages that comes with them, so comforting and empowering as I continue on my spiritual path, with more colour and vibrancy thanks to Dana’s amazing artwork and soul service.”

Paloma Fer: “When I first met Dana, there was something especial in her. I have been fascinated with her paintings from the very first moment, it was not just about the paintings that always caught my attention but the messages, they always resonated deep in my soul. I guess I was waiting for the right moment to get a painting from her, is like a green light that you get from spirit. Dana is very talented and the two paintings I got from her really touched me, also confirmed things that I knew which is always great as you build more confidence in you. I’m sure I’ll be buying another one in a few months.”
Jess Alphonse: “I have been following Dana for her beautiful Light Language Art and had the privilege of having a “Higher-Self” drawing done by her.
Not only is her art absolutely gorgeous to look at, the light language activated me and brought soul level memories online which brought with it a piece to the puzzle in my soul’s quest. Book her service already!”
Edna Marie Connolly Foral: “The higher self drawing and message which I received from Dana were pure gifts of love and light. They spoke straight to my soul and answered many questions that I have struggled with for a very long time. Dana’s gift is beyond remarkable and I am forever changed by the words and image that I was blessed with through her amazing abilities.There are no words to adequately describe the deep impact it had on me- but I am so grateful.”