Hi everyone and welcome!
My name is Dana Grozdanova and I am a clear channel  for Spirit and a spiritual artist.

My Spiritual path has begun in 2010 where I was shown how Spirit operates in my life and how it is a force that has always been present with me since the moment I was born. This was the beginning of my awakening and this journey has expanded my awareness and opened my heart in ways that I didn’t think was even possible.

Angels, spirit guides and other light beings began making their presence known and guiding me through my life. They have been giving me information, explanations, signs , hope, courage, love and much more that I needed on this journey of life.

 I have been creating art since I was a child and I am guided to make portraits of other peoples spirit team and help them connect to their own heart and inner wisdom.
I channel Spirit and share their loving transmissions with everyone that is open to receive it.

I am here to help others tap into their own inner knowing and show that everyone has the power and ability to connect to the wisdom of the heart.  

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