Turkish coffee reading

Turkish coffee + Lenormand card reading : €66

In a Turkish coffee cup reading I will interpret the residual coffee grounds in the cup and on the saucer. The Turkish coffee leaves a thick and muddy remainder at the bottom of the cup, so this is why that is possible.

I will make the coffee and set the intention for the client to receive the necessary information which means that the client does not have to drink the coffee.  I will then swirl the cup and turn it upside down on the saucer. There’s a waiting period, during which portions of the remaining grounds fall down on the saucer. They leave patterns on the surface of the cup and create new patterns on the saucer.

The images and shapes created in the coffee grounds provide information about the client. Loved ones’ and related person’s initial letters, scenes of importance, effects of the past, the path to the future, the energy of people involved, spirit guides / spirit animals, any obstacles are all there for me to see and relay to the client.

In addition to the coffee cup reading you will receive a reading with the Lenormand cards.

The video will be recorded and sent to the client in approximately 10 days.

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Turkish cofffe reading 2

Turkish Coffee reading