The Arcturians: how to reach your goal

After thinking to myself how I feel like I am limited in my way of reaching my goal and that I only have one way to go about it my Arcturian friends came through for advice. ๐Ÿ˜Š

“The feeling of freedom is not about the physical experience because that you already are. The feeling of freedom is to realize that you have choices that you sometimes don’t even see. The mind will always try to tell you that there is only way or option to reach your goal. You can have a clear vision of your goal but the way to get there isn’t up for your mind to decide.

When you focus too much on a particular way of being or going about it to get a specific result you are limiting yourself and you are preventing yourself to get to your goal in a smooth way. It might still work with stress and in a longer time until you realize that you don’t have to force energy so that things go your way. You can actually release what you think the only way is and take it step by step and day by day. Follow the signs, follow the universes lead but keep your main goal in your heart. Think and feel what it is that you want to accomplish. Get happy and excited. Dare to dream and to feel the extatic feeling of accomplishing your goal. How does it feel for you? Do you feel your heart racing and pumping with joy? THAT is what will lead you to where you need to be. The road to get there you can completely let go of. You are guided by the feeling that you have as your end result. That joy and happiness will clear your path to reach your hearts desire. So follow your ultimate goal with bliss and that feeling will clear all the hurdles on your path. Now think of what your goal is. What do you want to accomplish? Focus on this feeling and see how everything will come to you and you don’t have to chase or force anything. This is what will bring you freedom inside and this is what will help you see that the only thing you have to decide is to choose for what makes you happy.

Let the universe take care of the rest because the universe listens to your heart. All our love and support on your journey, our dear friends.”

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