See through the chaos

This is a dragon guide / aspect that I made for a beautiful soul sister that I may share with you. She has a diamond heart and holds a strong vibration of the Goddess / Source energy. Here is her message for you.

“Greetings to all. As you are rising and growing in your awareness many areas of your lives are being highlighted. That which used to keep you in your comfort zone can now be seen clearly as an illusion of fears that is holding you back from taking the next step in your adventure. As the mist grows darker in your world your minds and perceptions are becoming more clear and aligned with the higher vibrations. Do not be mistaken in thinking that things are getting worse or that you are somehow not evolving as human species because of what you are seeing around you. Chaos is being spread so that it can confuse you which then leads to chaos.

But your connection to the higher realms is what will help you to see through the fog of confusion. You must not use your eyes to see but use all your senses for you have them to see beyond your dimension. Clear the fog around you by connecting to your soul and to the realm of magic for they can lift it for you so that the truth can be revealed.

You are the ones upholding the high vibration for those that cannot see through the illusion of chaos, for an illusion is all that it is.
Breathe in the energy of the crystalline dragon and feel your vibration rise above your worries and the third dimensional illusion. Call upon your dragons and ask for your energy field to be fortified and cleared from any outside distortions. Feel the breeze of the energy clearing all your fears and that which is not serving you any longer.

Remember that you are not alone and all that you need to do is to ask for assistance. We are with you, always.”

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