Your inner child wants to paint!

Painting with the inner child: imagination and naturally using our intuitive abilities.

Today I decided to have some playful creation time with my 6 your old boy! We made an acrylic painting just for fun!

We picked some colors that spoke to us and flowed with whatever came up.. yellow, orange, green, red, turquoise, white.. this is just the first layer and tomorrow we will continue with another one. The fun thing about acrylic paint is that you can create as many layers as you like until you are finished. When are you finished? This is completely up to each person that creates. Each layer is another process, each time we tap into our intuition and let ourselves be guided by our heart. No skills required and the main goal is to move from the mind into the heart and be fully present.

This is a little preview on my future intuitive painting class coming in October! 😊

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