New: intuitive art classes

💥Heart chakra painting class : 10/17/2021 at 6PM CET via ZOOM.💥

⚡PROMOTION!⚡ Intuitive art classes: €55 (65USD) per class / approximately 1 hour.
Only 5 spots available!

Intuitive art classes with the 7 chakra’s theme: These are a series of classes that will be focused on 1 chakra each time that we will tune into and work with.
But most of all this class is about channeling your own inner artist and having fun with watercolors! You will be using your intuition in the most natural way by letting the watercolors freely flow on paper. It is a simple yet very effective way to tap into your creative inner artist.

In each class you will be given the tools on how to move into your heart space and create from your own Source.

Who is it for?
It is for everyone who loves art and wants to learn how to move out of their mind into their creative heart space. It is for those that want to learn how go work with energy in a creative way. There are no skills required, only the willingness to learn and the wish to tap into uncovered, creative potential. You will be using the brushes but your soul will be doing the painting.

What will the result be? The ultimate goal of these classes is to have FUN, discover your creativity and tap deeper into your intuition. It’s channeling through art!

How long will the class be? Each class will be approximately one hour. It will include a meditation and guidance to move deeper into your creative space.

How to attend these classes?
The classes will be happening live through a zoom call. Each class will have max 5 people attending.

Which materials do you need for the class?There is a list of suggestions I have created which you can buy on Amazon. You can buy them there, in your local artshop or order them from another website. Make sure you don’t buy materials that are too cheap because this will be noticeable in the quality. There is no need to buy expensive material either. Go somewhere in between and you will be good to go!

⚡The cost of the materials will be in total approximately: $80

What will you be needing?
Ecoline paint, watercolorpaper, brushes, paint tray, art tape.

I will send you the list from Amazon by e-mail once you have placed your order.

Payment is possible via PayPal or Transferwise.

Do you want to reserve your spot, or do you have any questions and want to connect? Fill in the contact form and I will connect with you asap.

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