Halloween SUPER Promotion: Dark and Light Balance painting until 10/31/2021

NEW!! Halloween SUPER Promotion: Dark and Light Soul Painting:
€166 /USD193 (normal price €300 / USD348)
3 spots available.
This limited offer is until 10/31/2021.

The balance between dark and light:
Who is your higher dimensional guide on your journey to bring balance in your light and dark aspects?

As the end of the year approaches the energies are reaching their peak and the inner transformation is felt in multiple layers of your being.
You are growing, expanding, embodying your wholeness, creating space in yourself and releasing everything that once has served you but now is hindering you from becoming the butterfly that you are meant to be. This process is life changing, it is transformative and the universe is supporting you through it all. ❤

I am guided to help those that want to make a connection with their spiritual team. I am a bridge to bring through the higher dimensional beings and energies and put them in a visual and written medium so that you can make a direct connection with the beings that present themselves through this form of art.

❓Would you like to see who is helping you to get through this period and who can offer you energetic support to help you clear, release, activate then necessary energies?
❓Who is it that can help you to master the art of working with your dark and light aspects as a team and in union?

These aspects / guides want to step forward to work with you to help you with your inner proces and support you through the changes that you are going through.

Who can these beings be?
They can be angels, aliens, past or future aspects, your own dark aspects, mythical beings, God’s or Goddesses,… These beings will know the art of how to balance dark and light and work with both energies. They will be universal teachers with the knowledge that exceeds the existence of duality and transcends the realm of the current physical existence.

In the energy of Halloween: beings from ALL dimensions are able to come through that have a connection with your highest self.

What will you receive?
You will receive 2 things:
1️⃣A visual representation (watercolorpainting) of the being that wants to connect with you and help you to release old coding of the DNA so you can receive an upgrade with the new light codes. 
2️⃣A personal channeled message from this being.

What do I need from you?
A picture where I can see your eyes.
Your email address
Your open mind and heart

⭐Payment is through Transferwise or through PayPal.
⭐Delivery in approximately 30 days via e-mail.
❗The watercolor paintings will not be sent by mail: only digitally available.

Contact me here to place your order!

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