How to transform your pain

It has been a rough year for me so far and everything I am going through right now isn’t something that is easy to share with others. There are many changes happening and I am experiencing many emotions at the same time. The universe is sending waves of light and new energies so that people are forced to face and relive painful emotions that have been hidden far away. But there is no escaping in them as they are coming to surface to be healed and released. There are many that are experiencing heavy feelings that are usually from the past: anger, jealousy, sadness, guilt..  just to name a few. Some choose not to face them and turn the other way. But for those who are willing to be brave I can share you my secret on how to deal with this.

How do you know that these aren’t feelings that are just occurring in the moment? How do you not get caught up in it and lose yourself in this emotion? The first step is to be mindful and to observe on WHY it is this coming up. The second step is WHAT the trigger is for that certain emotion. Once you realize it’s not someone in particular that is making you feel bad but that they are rather bringing your pain to the surface, you can find the true reason why you feel that way. Emotions like these weren’t processed in the past so they come up in random moments and scare you. And they will keep scaring and hurting you until you deal with them.

What do you do when you figured out what the reason for this emotion is?
The next step is to forgive everyone who was involved in making you feel this way. Don’t get me wrong: this does not mean that what happened to you is justified or is OK. You have every right to feel the way you feel. But forgiving is making the choice not to keep the pain in your heart and to relive it over and over again.
Take a pen and paper and write down everything you feel and think. Write freely, be blunt, say what you want to say, don’t be scared, let it all flow. By the end of the your letter make a conscious choice by saying that you have so much love that you choose to love yourself more than the pain you feel. That you forgive YOURSELF for any mistakes that you feel you have made. That you embrace this pain and that you wrap it in love and transform it into happiness and joy for the person that you are today. Because you are perfect the way you are right now and you deserve to feel good no matter what has happened in the past.

This has been the way for me to heal and I hope this is something that can work for you as well.

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