A love letter

Have you ever been in love and have you ever felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach making you feel like you are up in the clouds? Have you ever had that special person that just made you feel like you’re in 7th heaven? There were probably a few people in your life that have made you feel loved and knew which words to say so you would get a very light and dreamy feeling.. Do you have that feeling right now or do you remember when you had it the last time?

Now I would like to know if you have ever had that same feeling for the most important person in your life. Think when it was the last time you have expressed your feelings of love in a most sincere way towards this person. Now think of the most important person in your life and who that person is. I will let you in on a surprise: this person is YOU.

People like to fall in love and they like to be taken away in somebody elses energy and relying on them to make them feel good. But when is the last time YOU made yourself feel like you are loved and appreciated? You don’t need to wait for anyone to express their feelings to you. You don’t need others to validate the love that you already have in yourself. You’re perfectly capable of accomplishing all of that all by yourself.

So I’ve got a challenge for you: how much love do you have for yourself and how freely are you able to express that love towards yourself? Take a pen and paper and write a love letter to yourself. Pour out your heart and feel the warmth of your own words. Write down all that you love about yourself and include your little and not so little flaws because that’s what makes you one of a kind. There is no other person on earth like you!

Self love is the first step to unconditional love and it all starts with yourself. ❤

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