A message from the Fae realm

A channeled message from Fairy Ophelia:

“We are here to work with humanity as we once used to before we got divided. All of the realms that were once visible to your world are now slowly showing themselves back to humanity. At one point humans turned a blind eye to us and didn’t want to see our magnificence but chose greed and power over joy and happiness. This is when we disappeared from your eye sight. We were caused great suffering and chose not to interact with you through the 3d world anymore. But the time has come for us to become visible again and especially to those that are open to remember us again. To those that have seen and felt us we want to say that we are there to help you. Those that want to see us we will make ourselves known. This planet is in great need of support and all of us will help for earth and all of its inhabitants to ascend. Nature is our main priority, all of that lives and benefits from her fruits we will help. In order to make this happen we will be there for humanity as we have always been. We have never left you and were always there for you working for the greater good and although you don’t notice us you have felt our soft whispers and the flashes of light in the corner of your eye…yes, this is us and together we can bring a wave of love and remembrance into everyone’s hearts.”

I received this additional message later the same day:

“The Kingdom of the fairies is where the magic lives, the magic that has always been present on earth. We came to earth to bless the ground, the plants and the animals. We bring joy and laughter for a fairies energy is nothing but pure light. When children see us they smile. We love children and we try to help them remember their essence and their innocence as many that grow up forget that they have seen us, they have been convinced that we are not real, that we are make believe. But we want people to maintain that innocence they once had when they were children. Humans forgot their pureness when growing up, they forgot that magic is all around them if they choose to interact with it. The fairy realm will help people to tap into their inner child, where all joy begins. When you remember what it is to be a child again you will start feeling our presence even more. Fairies will dance all around you and help you remember that joy is in the simple things of life. We are here to bring light in times that seem so heavy. When your child asks if we are real tell them that we are and they will remember us when they grow up.”

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