Merlin about Magic

“Hello my dear ones. Magic has been a part of humanity for so long, throughout many many centuries mankind has always used magic to create what they really wished for. Magic had taken many forms and different shapes throughout time but at some point mankind decided to use magic for their own purposes and to misuse it and to harm others. Those who used magic in benefit for others were haunted and killed for their talents and for their open hearts out of fear because mankind hates what it fears.

Hate is coming to surface in this time and hate is just another word for deep fear. You must not be afraid of the ones that are showing hate and fear in this time in your world. You see it being spread out on the news and on tv through movies and even through advertisement. It is being spread out to cause you to feel separated from others. You are all the same, you are all equals, no gender or color is less than anyone else.. you were not created to be imblanced. You were created to love each other through these differences. But somewhere along the way you have forgotten the true magical beings that you are. You were made to see your differences and you are pointed out daily how different you really are to one another.
This is a creation of the mind that leads you to believe that you are less than somebody else which then leads you to hate the other for being different than you because in fact it is YOU who feels less than the other. You are lacking of the belief that you are in fact magic.. that all other beings are just as magical as you are. I am here to remind you that magic is real, it has always existed since the beginning of time and it is still here and available for you to use.

You don’t need a wand to start creating magic.. all you need is your powerful mind and the desire to create whatever that you truly wish for. When I say that you can create anything you truly wish to, I mean ANYTHING that you desire can become a part of your reality. All you need is to BELIEVE that magic is real and many might say that this is a fairytale.. but don’t you know that fairytales are real? Do you remember when you were a child and you believed in all the magic and do you also remember how happy and how joyful you were when you believed in dragons and in fairies? Dare to trust those feelings again when you used to believe in all of this. Your feelings don’t lie, they never do. Go back to those feelings when you felt like you could see and feel beyond what your eyes showed you in this world. Discover the purity of your heart and the innocence of the child that you used to be.

Believe in MAGiC and create the world you want to live in. Anything is possible if you truly believe it to be. “

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