Sacred union: the truth about the search for your twinflame

“The sacred union is already happening within you. You are merging with your divine counterpart and have been doing so for quite some time. This union is about joining in a force of unconditional love, a divine partnership with the Source energy. You are melting into each other and you are becoming one.. you are two complete and whole parts of ONE. To search for this divine partnership outside of yourself is to not accept that this union is already in your heart. You are not meant to look for your divine partner outside yourself, to crave them and to long for them until your heart aches and bleeds. This is not what the sacred union is about. You are missing the point of this beautiful gift that Source has given you.

We are seeing many of you going into an active search of your other half, many of you that are reaching out to others in despair and asking other gifted lightworkers for advice and predictions of the future. You are not supposed to look for your other half because they are already present within your soul. For those that do not have the agreement with their twinflame to unite in the physical world we want you to know that you do not need to despair and that when you unite with your twinflame in your hearts you will attract your divine partner in the physical reality because this partner will be the reflection of the twinflame love that you carry within yourself.  You see: all is a reflection of who you are inside. If you feel incomplete you will carry on to search to be completed and this will cause you pain. If you choose to feel the love and the sacred union within your heart you will open yourself to receive the divine partnership that you already have within yourself: your wholeness will open the door to a partnership of unconditional love in the physical world.

It does not matter who it will be: twinflame or soulmate, if you feel the love in yourself your divine partner will appear when the time is right for you and it will have the unconditional love that you truly wish. Look within yourself and let go of the need to unite physically: your perfect partner is already within your heart. “

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