Lemurian guide Philomena talks about our senses being fine tuned

“Hello all. I am Philomena. I am from Lemuria and we used crystals to activate higher frequencies and open portals. These portals would allow for the energies to come through and help to raise the vibration. In Lemuria the sound frequency was often used as a healing and clearing method for the people. As the new frequencies come down to earth some of you might notice that your hearing changes and that these energies actually have a sound to them. Do not worry because your hearing, sensing,smelling and seeing is about to change. It might feel as though you are becoming ill and dizziness might occur as your body is accepting and integrating these higher frequencies.

We are working towards a change and we are doing it as gently as possible but it is when your body has certain pollutions to them that you will feel like you are becoming ill. The places in your body that need the most clearing will be the most painful for you to experiences. I am helping you to go through these shifts as swiftly and as smooth as possible but you have to understand that what you carry in your body and DNA is not something that is only yours, you are holding karmic energy and also your also from your whole family. You are clearing your bloodline and this can cause some discomfort. It is important for you to breathe through the symptoms of upgrading. You might feel anxious as the negative energy is leaving your nervous system. This anxiousness is your body that is parting with the familiar and with the old, so it is afraid of letting it go and why you can feel panic or fear. But this fear will pass, all of this is something that is being cleared. So do not panic, all of this will end when it has completely left your body. This is different for each one of you as this depends on how your body functions. Some will be sleeping a lot and some will be wide awake. You all have your own unique system that works the way it needs to in this moment.

Seek each other out for help, talk about this and reach out. There are many of you who are willing to listen and this is a big cure already. Trust that you will get through this all and that you are being supported.”

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