The angel of love: what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves.

“Dear ones. You can see past physical appearances. You can see me in any man, child, woman and man, I am in all.. when you see that love in others then that is what you experience real freedom. This when you realize that true love is just a reflection of your own love. This why we are striving so hard to help you all with falling in love with yourselves. We are helping you to connect to your heart in a deeper way than people have ever felt before. And you are all doing so well right now.
The purpose of all the celebrities coming to many of you now from beyond the veil is to show you what it is really all about because you can relate to them and their struggles. Many of them have had their own conflicts to overcome and now are coming forward to help you from their own experiences. 

Love is the way to go and we want you to experience that love while you are alive because when you cross over it’s all love..  nothing but love. But our goal is to help you see and feel that here and now. It’s time for you all to embody your own love. Learn how to love yourself again, practice it daily, look in the mirror and say that you love yourself and that you are happy to be the person that you are. Say that from today on you choose to see yourself as perfect and you will see how you will meet people that will confirm your feelings. You will see people smiling at you and you will feel joy just from feeling like you can be your true self and the beauty of it is that other people will feel what you feel and therefore will start to feel their own love too. You are all pieces to a puzzle.. you feel what the other reflects back at you. But you can make the choice to feel happy, it is really a choice.

It will become easier now for you all to get out of heavy emotions without staying there for too long. When you now feel bad and heavy you can just step out of it and observe instead being a participant in these emotions. With all the shifts and changes you are releasing a lot so don’t get stuck on how it used to be in the past for you and break the habit of walking around feeling unhappy for too long. This moment is new and it’s completely up to you to use it in how you want it. So step out of your mind and feeling of heaviness and choose to be happy.. because you will encounter what you will feel inside. Feel love and receive love in return.”

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