Elemental guide Dante: how to raise your vibration to joy to remove stagnant energy from your body

“Greetings dear ones. Now that the frequencies are rising you are all becoming more sensitive and aware of the higher vibrations. You can work with these energies to create what you truly desire.
With these higher frequencies you will be able to shift faster from heavy emotions and negative feelings into a state of happiness and peace. You will be able to go move easier through them, everything will become more gentle for you.

There is one specific frequency I would like to discuss with you and this is the frequency of joy, for this is the frequency that gives you the ability to open yourself up to receive more of what you wish. When you feel heavy and when you feel like life is pulling you down instead of dwelling in this emotion you can do the opposite and you can do something that makes you happy. It is hard for you to shift your perspective as worry is something that pulls you down and wants to keep you down. I challenge you now to switch your focus and energy from worry to something that makes you happy.

Go out and have a swim, go dancing, do some singing, meet your friends and play a game, be active! Move your body so that the energy that is stagnant in your body will start moving and everything that moves can then also leave your body. Think of it as a river where the water is gently flowing and how the fish move forward with the flow, this is what your energy will be doing too. It is when the energy is standing still that you carry this around in you and you even hold on to it so it has no opportunity to leave. By doing something active you are forcing that energy to move and at the same time you are inviting the frequency of joy to fill your body and your cells which then causes you to be in a state of joy because you feel it in your whole body.
This is why people who exercise and have an active physical life are tapped into the Source energy more than the ones that sit still. Everything is energy and energy is always moving, this is the natural state of energy: you can’t hold it because it switches and it moves, it is fluid. When you hold it by thoughts and energies like worry and stress it becomes heavy and it is more dense because the vibration is lower. When the vibration is lower it gets thicker and solid and this is what you want to avoid, because this is what will cause you to block your chakra’s. The perfect way to change that is to shake it off… literally shake it off! Put on that tune on your radio and dance!

Switch your perspective dear ones: you are not meant to sit in density, you are now able to switch energies fast and easy. Use this ability and this gift for your benefit and you will see how your energy will change. Today put on your dancing shoes and show them what you got!”

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