Collective energy update 25/09/2018

Me and my gifted friend Anisha Ana have been working with the collective energy and we have been given information on what is happening in this moment between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies. Since we both carry these energies within ourselves every single one of us is feeling the shifts that are happening.

The collective masculine energies carry old patterns and corrupt energies that they inherited from the ancestors (the grandfathers). These energies carry abuse of power through sexuality as this was a way for them to gain control. They also feel pressured because they feel they have to live up to an expectation that they have to be the provider, the caretaker of his family, the one that has to be responsible for the whole family. Because these old masculine energies are still within our divine masculine they collide with the divine feminine energy within us. The feminine energy feels oppressed and abused as she recognizes the corruption in the masculine and therefore she feels enraged. So you can feel a lot of anger coming up in this time. You can feel Kali energy emerging and taking over your emotions as she pushes away the masculine. This is what we are feeling in our bodies right now: the masculine is now shedding the old codes and programming so that the feminine can accept the new divine masculine. You will feel this as pressure in your head, neck and shoulders, the womb and stomach area. There is more to be released the upcoming days and you might feel light headed, restless sleep, feeling hungry but not being able to eat.

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