An Elder from the Council speaks how to invite and embody the energy of money

After talking to my friend about attracting what we feel and how important it is to be in a higher frequency and not to believe fear based thoughts from others even if they claim it has been proven by science or from some other source. We create our reality and we create it ALL THE TIME.

The subject of money came up once again as this seems to be a theme that has been coming up a lot lately which means many people are having issues with it. As it often happens Spirit likes to join my conversations and shed light and wisdom into the matter. So once again I am sharing what Spirit has told me during my chat with my friend about money. Enjoy. 😊

How do we attract money?

“You have to embody the energy that you want to receive. Many of you have a strained relationship with money. It’s a love and hate relationship. When you have it you love it and when you don’t you hate it. You are creating all the time so when you hate the money that you lack then you create more lack and more resistance towards receiving it.

The more you think about how you are lacking it and how you need to force things to receive it the more you create a reality where you have to work harder and it becomes a struggle to earn it. It is like a chain where you are connecting the shackles to each other and you are preventing yourself from being in the flow to receive it. You are in essence putting the chains on yourself.

The trick to freeing yourself from this is to feel the energy of joy of receiving money. Imagine what it is to receive €50, €100, €500,€5000,€85.000..What would you do with this money that would make you happy? Think in what ways this money would bring you happiness after you paid all your bills. Don’t focus on the money being spent on necessities, think about the money being spent on what makes your heart burst with joy. Would you buy that dress that you see yourself being happy in? Would you buy that car and feel how it would give you freedom? Would you spend the money on giving your child a fantastic day in an amusement park? Focus on those feelings and invite in the energy of abundance to come into your energyfield so that you can embody this frequency because money is a FEELING. It is nothing more than a feeling of being in the flow and being in a state of joy. Let everything else that you believe in your mind about money drop and embody the feeling of receiving the money with joy and with happiness.

The last step is to believe. It is to simply believe that what you feel is real. You believe and therefore you receive.

Practice makes perfect dear ones, just like with everything else you need to practice what I have shared with you daily until it has become a routine like brushing your teeth, it becomes a part of your reality. Creation and manifestation goes as fast as you believe it. Feel it, believe it, create it!”

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