Acceptance of your human self

A higher self drawing and channeled message from a beautiful soul sister that I am sharing with approval. ❤

Greetings to all of you. Each of you exist of their own unique energy and their specific personality. You have embraced the knowledge that your soul is perfect and knows no flaws. But have you really accepted your human self as perfect? Have you looked into the mirror today and told yourself that you look absolutely perfect?
You have been conditioned to believing that you are not good enough the way you are. You are shown that you need to be the perfect size, needing to be perfectly nice and agreeable to be accepted. Now many of you are struggling internally with this as these demands do not match who you really are on the inside. You are feeling a battle inside of you and emotions are arising that you do not know how to place. My dear ones, the anger that you feel comes from deep within and this is because it wants to be seen and heard.
All of you have known injustice, judgement, jealousy, envy.. you have been hurt many times because being the real you was not good enough. Know that this is a struggle of belief systems within you as you are moving up further into the ascension process. Who you are supposed to be according to society and who you really are inside is simply not in alignment anymore.

Dear ones, KNOW that the emotions that are now fighting within you are simply things that no longer serve you and you are releasing for your whole bloodline because you are strong enough to do this. What you are experiencing right now is not too much for you to handle, you can do this because you are here to transform darkness into light. You are doing this through the opening of your heart as this is where pain is being transmuted. Your heart is like a bright diamond that that can transform anything that is not of light and this is what is happening right now within you: all that is dark is turns into eternal light.
Don’t forget to breathe through all of it as this will help you with the healing process. Be mindful of your thoughts and most of all: be gentle and compassionate towards yourself. You are doing important work and you deserve all the love that you are able to receive. I am sending you a wave of unconditional love in each of your hearts.

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