Promotion: Soul Activation drawings

⚡Full Moon Promotion: Soul Activation drawings: €60 ($67) instead of €75 ($84)⚡

There is a wave of intense energy hitting our planet which allows us to release all the old and what does not serve us any longer so we can open our hearts and expand our consciousness even more.
At this time many high vibrational beings are here to assist with the integration of light into our whole being.

✨Who is there to help you and what will they able to help you with?
✨Find out through the energy of this powerful drawing as it is infused with healing, activations and light language to help you with releasing the old and integrating the new.

⭐This promotion will be available for three days! (Until Saturday)⭐

All that I require from you is a picture where I can see your eyes and your email address.
This is the link for the payment:

Much love and blessings to you all through these powerful downloads. 🙏🌙❤️

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