Your twinflame is already here

This is the answer from my higher self and spirit guides on love and the twinflame connection. I see many people get lost in it and get attached to it and let their life be controlled by it. This is what I received. ❤️

“Love is the frequency of all there is. Love does not make a difference and doesn’t choose who it loves or who it doesn’t. This is the game of the mind because it wants to put you in a box. It wants to understand and make a difference in who deserves to be loved more and who deserves to be loved less. Your mind has a different way of looking at things and it operates from a point of what it sees. It wants proof and it puts things in boxes and wants to give it a proper place so that it makes sense. This is not how the heart works. The heart does not choose, it simply vibrates and is in a constant state of acceptance and love. So when you are asking how it is possible to love one soul same as the other the answer is simple: because it vibrates on the same frequency. In the higher realms you are all the same and there is no need for you to be different or better because you are in the space of oneness where all Creation exist in peace and harmony. You feel this in your heart, you know this in your soul but then your mind wants to put it in a box and seperate the feeling of love and make it something exclusive. It is not. The love is equally available to all of you.

This being said there is a difference in your personal frequency. You can look at it as your own unique DNA or as in identical twins here on earth. Certain traits that solely belong to you and which other souls can recognize you by. You vibrate in a certain frequency and there is a perfect match that vibrates at the same frequency. You call this a twinflame and to make it easy we will use this term for you so you can understand. Your twinflame is your identical match in frequency. Just like identical twins on earth you have your own unique connection that belongs to just you. This connection is felt through time and space and has a magnetism that is so powerful that you will feel it in your heart.
There are many misconceptions about this particular energy and many become dependent on it and rely on this connection to feel love and bliss. It can become addictive like a drug and lift your spirit into a higher state where you will try to escape pain and forget your trauma’s and other painful experiences. By doing this you will experience the opposite of what you want to achieve. The twinflame connection will help you to release your pain and to connect to your heart deeper. When you are able to let go of the attachment to the thought of a twinflame you will be able to experience the real connection of the twinflame energy within your heart. You may attach a person to this energy and the thought of them being the one that is here to help you feel complete and feel the fullness of your heart again. It is this attachment that makes you experience the connection as something that is painful and that you are constantly missing a piece within yourself. The twinflame connection is pure and is free from any attachments or expectations. The twinflame connection is just IS. You do not need to search for this, you do not need to long to experience this outside of you for it already made available for you within yourself. When you stop seeking for this love outside of yourself you will experience this true connection within. Just like you connect to your spirit guides and angels you can easily connect to your twinflame within your heart. It is easy, it is accessible for each of you and you do not need to look for them in a man or a woman.

We cannot tell you enough how important it is to seek for all the answers within yourself regarding your connection with your twinflame and any other ethereal beings. All of you have these connections within your own heart and communication is easy once you open your mind and realize you do not need a box to put yourself in. Do not limit your own connection by the thoughts that you cannot do it on your own. You can and you are perfectly capable of establishing a connection through trusting your abilities that are already available within yourself.

Trust your connection with your twinflame and spirit guides and do not seek for validation from others as this can move you further away from your own truth. Your connection is unique to you and nobody else can tell you otherwise.”


  1. I really like how love is spoker about here. I do feel like there was a time where I got lost in the Twin flame frenzy. I also liked how you mention we can connect to the love that is available to us in the universe . Is it because we constantly seek comfort that makes the twin flame route so easy to turn into a quest as many of us long to be “complete.
    I just want to connect within myself, I want to feel okay with me like I am well seated in my allness if that makes any sense.
    This was a great post thanks for sharing 🌸🌼🌹☁


    • Yes, it’s all about the journey within ourselves and this love is something that we all can feel.. We don’t have to chase it, or long for it, it’s already there. We just have to believe it and feel it. But we are getting there. Awareness is already a big step to self love. Happy to hear you enjoyed the post. Much love and many blessings to you. ❤️


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