The Lyran race: art promotion

NEW LIMITED LIONSGATE OFFER : Lyran aspect / spirit guide drawings: ā‚¬69 – until 8/8/2019

With the powerful energies from the lionsgate I want to offer you an opportunity to connect with your Lyran spirit guides or your own Lyran aspect.
You will receive a powerful transmission through the image along with their channeled message. They both hold the frequency of the Lyran race and they will help you to receive the light codes and activations that your soul is ready for.

Have you felt the urge to connect with the Lyrans deeper and do you feel they have a message for you? Then this might be the time to explore your connection.

All that I require is a picture where I can see your eyes and your email address.
Due to the creative nature of this process it can take approximately 30 days for delivery.

Who’s ready for this? šŸ˜‰ ā¤


  1. I would love a lyron spirit drawing and message, I have asked for a message and drawing previously a few weeks ago and Iā€™m not sure if I should wait or not.


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