Seeing the truth with your heart

Hi all! Here is a higher self drawing from a beautiful soul that I have the permission to share with you all. ❤

“Your world has many illusions and when you look at them with your eyes only you will take it as the truth. This is what the human system has been designed for and it will make sure to continue to make you believe that this is all there is. That there is no truth beyond this reality and that you cannot move beyond the place you find yourself in. Those who are upholding this system can never win from you for you are able to see beyond the illusion with the gift of your spiritual sight. You are all spiritual and energetic beings and therefore you are able to read energy. It is now time for you to rely on what the energy says about someone rather then what their words or appearance make out to be. It is important to see beyond what you are shown. Do not trust what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears only. Tune in to the energy behind what is shown and behind what is being said. People will often smile and yet there is much more behind it. Start trusting the wisdom and the knowledge that you already have within you and do not immediately believe all that you see.
Your world is showing much to you that is not the truth. Much is happening behind the imagery that is shown to you, so do not hold on to it and do not move into fear or negativity. You will start seeing and feeling what is right and what is not if you let go of the (over)thinking and move into trusting.

Trust, dear ones, in your own truth which can be found within your hearts and you will see how no one will ever be able to get away with a lie”.

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