Hear the lion roar!

This is a drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. ❤️

“Hear the roar of the lion. Feel the power of his soul. Embrace the fire and let yourself be guided by the new energies that are emerging from within. Every step that you are now taking to move forward you are activating new parts within yourself. With each movement and with each change you are allowing to transform yourself into the new version of you. Do not be afraid now to make the necessary steps forward even if you fear them. With each step you will release the fear because the power of the lion within you is stronger than any belief that you cannot do it. The energy of the lion will give you the courage to make decisions you were afraid to before.
Can you hear the calling of your heart? You ALL have the lion power within you, all you have to do now is listen to your inner roar and follow your heart. You are safe, you are protected and you ARE the fearless lion.”

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