Commander Ukeron from The Ashtar Command

Hey all! This is a higher self drawing that I am sharing from a soul brother. I made this drawing before finding out that this soul is a commander of one of the ships of The Ashtar Command and goes by the name Ukeron. 
This is the message his higher self, Arion, shared with him and with all of you.

This is the link to the blog where you can find out more about him:

“Greetings, dear one.

I stepped forward today to you to help you remember the power of the light that you hold within yourself. As you came on earth you have forgotten that the light you carry is within every cell of your being. Just as Earth is in process of transforming herself into a higher realm so are you working on remembering again where you truly came from.

Your physical vessel is going through a transformation to a vessel that can hold more light and information of the higher realms. You are each time reaching wider and coming closer to the higher frequencies that we send out to you. This is what will help you to start to remember, it is not with the mind but with your heart that you will start to feel the unity and oneness of the universe within your reality. You will not experience separation and loneliness in your beingness.

There are many others like yourself on your planet that are contributing a great deal to the mass awakening of your kind. I have been with you always and I have been giving you light codes to help you with the ascension of earth and with the expansion of your consciousness.

I am proud of you and pleased that you are reaching out to find out more of the reality of the higher realms. The reason why I showed myself to you like this is that you have the leadership within yourself that comes from the purity of the heart. The goal is to unite people into oneness and to help them step out of the illusion of separation. I want you to feel this truth in your heart as this is the frequency that the higher realms experience. You will receive more downloads of the higher frequencies as Earth is now able to hold more light and there are portals opening up to help you step into your power.

There is more to come for you, but at this time this is the transmission I want to share with you.

In gratitude, love, and unity I salute you.”

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