Self awareness is the key to healing ourselves

I wrote this as a reply to someone and I started writing from my own perspective but my spirit guides took it over and explained further.. ❤️

“Self awareness is the key to healing ourselves and at the same time bringing healing to our planet. We all work together on the issues of the inner child, the masculine and the feminine. These energies have been corrupted through out time on earth and our coding and DNA is still holding the memories and the programming of seperation. As an advanced soul you came to earth not only to heal your personal trauma’s or your own past lives but you are healing the coding of your bloodline and of whole humanity as these always have the same starting point.
Your physical vessel holds specific codes that you chose to transform for the future generation whether you have children or not. In this lifetime it is more then about healing your personal issues: you are here to help Gaia release and heal through your own body which means that your job on earth is not done when you feel you fully healed your inner child. Therefore you will still experience emotional imbalance within yourself because you chose to transmute this for the collective energy as you are able to hold much more than just your own personal experiences or karma.
It is not enough to simply to transcend spiritually and be in the higher realms in spirit, you are also here to ground deep into Gaia and with this you will be able to transform more of her coding and you will release more of the collective pain which you too hold in your body.
You are here all in this together. You are not doing the work and be done with it in 5 years time. Your purpose is higher: ascension means grounding deeper into yourself and into Gaia and not leaving your vessel and reside in the higher realms. You are needed here, fully present in your mind and in your body as deep as you can. By grounding into your body you will be able to truly live from your heart and from your soul. Deeper than ever before.. We do not say that you will never be done with this pain, we are saying that you will soon be an observer of this pain rather then being IN the pain. This is truly a gift.. Soon you will see that you are here to be human with the knowledge of your soul and grounding is one of the most important things on earth.”

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