The strength of a panther

This is a higher self with spirit animal drawing that I am sharing with permission of a soul sister. Enjoy the message this powerful being has for you! ❤

“This message is for all of you who are struggling to find the courage within to continue your journey of becoming your truest self. In each and one of you there is the power of the panther. This power is one that holds the truth and can see through the deceptions and the lies of the darkness. It knows its way out by trusting its intuition and knowing its own power. Your voice has been silenced, you have been locked up, you have been guarded and protected for your own good. You were made to believe that you are weak: mentally, physically, emotionally and every other way that is possible. You have come to believe these lies and you were abused because of your pureness and kindness.

No more of this! You KNOW the truth deep within, you KNOW you are the panther that is fearless and that can see through the darkness. It does not hide in the shadows, it does not bow to the lies, it does not hesistate to jump out and show itself. It embraces ALL the facets and traits of itself and finds the strength in knowing its own worth. Embrace the fact that you too are strong in every way there is. No more weakness and no more bowing to the darkness for you can see the light of the truth.

I honor the strength and truth within your soul for I see that you are a warrior of the Light.”

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