Don’t take life so seriously, have fun!

Hi guys! Enjoy this higher self drawing that I am sharing with permission of a beautiful soul sister. This is her message for you at this time. ❤

“Hello all, dearest ones. In these times it is important for you not to forget to have fun and to connect with what brings joy to your soul. You can get caught up in life and to take it too seriously. Even with your spiritual growth you should not have to take it all so seriously and think that you are here to save the world. Even though you came with a bigger task at hand your main mission on earth is to be who you are deep inside which means that you have to stay very close to your true nature. Your true nature is being happy and enjoying yourself in all that you do. Nature is all around you to provide what you need and it is also what makes you happy. Being in nature is something natural for you and it automatically lifts your spirit.

The wind, the trees, the sound of the birds and the water bring out peace within you. It soothes your mind and brings you calmness. When is it that you have played like a child? Have you run through the forest with your hair in the wind? Have you smelled the flowers and laid in the grass? These things make your soul truly happy, dearest ones. It is food for your soul and you will feel energized and at peace inside.

Challenge yourself today to make the effort to find nature within yourself and re-connect with it. All you need to do is to feel it deep within and let yourself be swept away in her comforting embrace.

Be yourself, be at peace and mother nature will take care of you.”

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