Promotion: past life drawings

💥NEW LIMITED OFFER: Past life drawing✨ + channeled message: €65 (until 8/24/2019)

🔥Which past life is affecting you right now?
🔥Which life needs healing and which life will help you to stand in your power?
🔥Which aspect of yours wants to show themself to you right now to help you?

By connecting to your past life aspect you will be able to heal and integrate energy that is needed for you to release karma and come into your power.
The purpose of this drawing is to empower you and to help you remember your true nature.

Past lives can come from different era’s on earth (human past lives), other civilazations (Atlantis, Lemuria, Avalon, Egypt… ) but also other planets if your higher self decides that this is necessary for you to connect with in this time.

✨Past lives are being experienced simulteanously with your current life since linear time only exists in this 3d reality. By connecting to your ‘past life’ you are in fact connecting with another aspect of yourself that is currently having an experience outside this reality.

Requirement: a photo where I can see your eyes and your e-mail addres. The delivery of the drawings will take approximately 20 days. – (mention the past life promotion)

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