Activate the Goddess within

This is a soul activation drawing that I am sharing from a beautiful soul sister.
To feel the power of the Goddess within focus on the drawing and take three deep breaths in and out. Set the intention to receive what you need from it and let the energy flow.

“The fire of the Goddess burns within you. It is burning away the old and the stagnant. All that is of the past no longer belongs in your life is now being removed. You are rising as a phoenix and spreading your wings to soar high in the sky. Let it be burned away so that you can see which direction you are to go next.
Let the power of the Goddess within show you the way to your future and give you clarity about your path. Remember the Goddess that you all have in you. The power of the Creator and manifestation is all to be found within.

Rise to create, rise to live and rise to remember again.”

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