New limited offer on higher self drawings!

💎NEW LIMITED offer for €66 ($72,50) instead of €85 ($93,39):💎 💥💥 UNTIL 09/28💥💥

🌺Higher self drawing + talisman or light code /symbol from your soul (sword, crown, crystal, pendant, flower and much more..) AND a channeled message.

🌸Your higher self can present itself as an angel, alien aspect, Goddess, Atlantic being, Lemurian being, Egyptian and many more…

💥Discover how your soul wants to show itself and what talisman they will gift you at this time!
Receive a powerful light code or talisman that will activate your inner strength and help to remember your truth once again.

💥The creation of each drawing takes at least 3 hours to finish and during the creation you will receive the necessary healing as it is infused with unconditonal love.

❗Due to the current powerful energetic shifts the delivery can take longer as all has to be in alignment in order to create the perfect soul portrait for you.
It will be finished in approximately 20 days and delivered by email.

💛What do I need from you?
An open heart and mind. Also a picture where your eyes our shown.

❗Payments are through Transferwise❗

💥Are you interested? Email me to order your drawing:

The offer is limited and only until Saturday.💥

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