Collective energy update: the releases of the masculine

⭐Collective energy update⭐

The collective masculine energy is moving through major releases. He has made a decision to open himself up to see the truth and to not be afraid of his own darkness anymore. He is ready to reach out to the feminine and to love her as she deserves it. He is not running away anymore but facing his inner demons.

All the emotions that the feminine has released previously the masculine is moving through right now: fear of being alone, insecurity, loss, hopelessness, financial stress, feeling unprotected, depression, oppression, not seeing a way out and an overall feeling of despair.

What also is coming up right now is the feeling of betrayal. Not necessarily from the masculine towards the feminine or vice versa but feeling betrayal from our own sisters, brothers and family. The deepest connection we have with those that we have trusted but ended up failing us and stabbing us in the back.

You might experience pain in the heart from this but also pain in the back of your neck / shoulders and spine. You might feel like you want to stay in your cocoon and not connect with others.
There are codes being changed in our DNA, cells and the mental body.
As these emotions are being released you might feel overwhelmed and exhausted as they come from a very deep layer that is now being revealed.

Understanding your process and having compassion for the wounded part in yourself will help you through this. Even though you might not feel like it this is a good time to connect with the people that you love the most for support. Seek out those that understand you and can offer you emotional support.
You are not alone in this and many are opening up hidden layers in themselves that will bring clarity and new perspectives.
Take time to rest, drink a lot of water and love yourself through this transformation.

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