A time to change: going deeper into the heart

My journey as an energetic worker is changing directions and my soul is guiding me to step more into my power and into my heart. I have been taking steps for a while now to follow my heart and my passion. Each time I take a step into the unknown I get rewarded by feeling the freedom inside of doing what I truly love. It started last year where I was guided to make drawings of people’s souls. This was unexpected and this was scary as hell because I would be showing a piece of my heart for the whole world to see.

Fear of judgement, rejection, failure, unworthiness, being inadequate, all made their way into my life during this year. Each time an emotion like that came to surface I crashed and I needed time to process what was hidden deep inside of me.
I cried, I felt bad, I forgave myself and then I came out stronger than I was before. I was moving through several layers of fear that were programmed in my system and that simply needed to go. The incoming waves of Light helped me to move through these layers of false programming.
Although I have experienced emotional and sometimes physical pain I am grateful that I am able to go deeper into myself and to feel my own worth. I had taken a leap of faith and I decided to jump while I felt insecure and scared. This was the first step to show myself to the world and what I was able to do publicly. I came out of the spiritual closet like a warrior of Light!! I must admit that I felt like a tiny and insecure warrior but nonetheless I was shining my light bright for all to see. I realized it doesn’t matter how I see myself, my intention and the purity of my heart is all that is really need to achieve my goal.

My personal transformation and my growth made me see that I am ready to take the next step and to help others on their journey to opening their heart and coming out of the darkness like a true warrior of Light. To not fear your own light and to not let emotions stand in the way of reaching your goal. What is it that YOU want to feel in this moment? What part of yourself are you still hiding? What have you not yet accepted about yourself and what is it about yourself that makes you feel insecure?

We have so many insecurities about ourselves that it can be hard to move forward in the direction that we want to be. It can feel so overwhelming to start something new and you can feel so tiny and scared that you can’t even take any action to be where you want to be.
I have been there: I have felt tiny and insignificant, unable to use my voice and too afraid to offer anything to others because I believed I wasn’t good enough. This kind of fear is paralyzing and it will get you frustrated, irritated, angry, upset, sad and many other unwelcomed emotions. But once you decide to dive into these emotions and explore them, feel them, own them, accept them and love them you will be able to take the next step.

Self-awareness is the first step to release your fears and heal your heart. You are a warrior of light, remember? You do not need to have fear to go into your own darkness. You are meant to shine your light in ALL places of yourself so that you can embrace it and accept it in love.
This is exactly what I have been doing for many years and now I am ready to guide you through these emotions so that you too can own your power and accept ALL of yourself exactly as you are.

Self-awareness, self-acceptance will lead you to self-love. Self-love is your super magical power that can heal any broken heart!

I will be doing one on one sessions where I will be your guide to the depths of your heart! I will explore with you what fears are causing you to feel painful emotions so you can release them and unlock the healing of your own soul. Are you ready to become a healer? Are you ready to open up the healing powers of your own heart by jumping into your shadow and seeing your truth?

Stay tuned as I will be posting my offer soon!

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