Love your own darkness and be in balance

This is a dark aspect drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. This is an Elven Queen of the dark Elves. She is in complete balance with her dark and light side.

🔥The dark aspects drawings help with the integration and healing of the parts that are in pain and are hidden. Before coming into full power of the soul all must be in balance within. If the darkness within is not addressed it will cause you (physical) pain, discomfort, confusion, doubt, anger and many more feelings that will cause you to feel seperate from Source / Love.
By connecting to your own dark aspect (from any dimension) you will be able to balance the energies within you that will help you to find peace within.

❤️This is her message for you:

“Darkness is not to be feared, darkness does not exist when you change your perception and when you look through the eyes of love. Just as you love to explore who you are in the light I challenge you to explore who you are in the dark.
You too have hidden pain that you have not allowed yourself to feel. Being enraged and jealous is shameful, isn’t it? Covering your eyes and hiding from who you are will not change how you feel. It is a challenge to accept the ugly side of yourself when there is so much dissaproval from everyone around you. It is not accepted to be bad in your society. Yet cruelty is happening daily and many close their eyes to this because they do not want to release their own pain.
Owning your past actions and past pain is freeing contratrary to what you have been made to believe. You do not need to fear to be punished for anything that you feel that is seemingly wrong. You do not need to be afraid to be burned at the stake for speaking your truth.

Know that what you truly fear are ghosts of the past and they have no power over you if you do not let them control your thoughts. Do not let your mind convince you you need to suffer any longer and do not keep punishing yourself by walking around with painful emotions. Set yourself free by stepping into your power for there is true power that is hidden in the darkness you carry within. It is an undiscovered gift that is awaiting you that you can accept once you open your eyes to the truth. It is truly a gem that is waiting for you so that you can use this power to rise in your strength.

This is the secret that is hidden and that many don’t want you to know: your strength lies in dark AND light. A force that is unstoppable once it is united in love. You have this in you and the choice is now up to you to be union again.”

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