Halloween Painting special: dark & light

🎃Halloween Painting Special🎃:

Your Light & Dark self as ONE 💥 €75! 💥
(Only taking 5 orders until 11/1)

I feel inspired by Halloween and at this time the incoming energies are supporting us to come into balance even more.

🦇Do you want to see who comes forward as your light and dark self?
This can be you as Goddess, Angel, Elf, dragon, Enchantress.. Masculine or feminine and many more.
🦇Do you want to see and connect with these two aspects so you can bring balance within?

❗TWO of your most powerful aspects that you need the most to give you support and guidance.

🦋Receive guidance and wisdom from both of your aspects
🦋Receive healing through their energy in the painting

💥Exceptional offer of TWO of your aspects instead of one💥

🍁This TWO in one watercolor painting will come with a channeled message from your aspects.
🍁The delivery is through e-mail in approximately 20 / 30 days.
🍁Payment is through Transferwise

These are examples of yin and yang art and an idea of what it might look like.
Every drawing is done with watercolors and therefore will look different than these images, but this is to show you the idea behind it.
Scroll through the blog post to see examples of my work.

Requirement: Keep your mind and heart open! 💛

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