Take your chance now for the offers at the current price!

Happy Holidays everyone!
The time for change has come..

This year is coming to an end soon and so are my offers at the current price of €75.

With the new year ahead I am guided to change my rates and charge what it is equal to the amount of time and energy I put in my creations.

I have developed my skills and each painting now takes approximately 5 hours to create. Every painting I create is done with care and in alignment with the highest frequencies.

Have you been thinking of getting yourself a painting and waiting for the right time? Then NOW is the time for you to do it!

Starting from January the price will be €100 and will gradually increase.

Take a look at the pinned post for all the current offers.

Message me if you would like to have your personal soul portrait.

Thank you all for your support and love!

I wish you all a beautiful end of this year of transformation and an amazing 2020!


  1. Hi Dana! I’m interested in two orders: Higher Self and Soul Activation. I’m in Aurora group, and recently got AURA certified. When I had my first AURA session, I got to see my Higher Self and to learn her name. I’d love to know more about her:) If I understand it correctly, you’ll let me know how I can purchase this order since I didn’t see it anywhere on your website. Thank you.


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