Gaia and humanity

This is a creation for a beautiful soul sister with a very solid connection to Gaia. Her higher self showed herself as a Goddess surrounded with flowers and greens. Enjoy the message she has for all of us.

“Beloved ones. You came to earth to remember that you are part of a creation that is whole and that you therfore are never alone or lost. You are not a piece of creation, you are not seperated from your essence. You exist of this wholeness. Your human vessel is a beautiful gift of Gaia created especially for you to live within while you are here and to honor it as sacred.

It is when you start loving yourself as a whole being and not as a seperated part that you will truly be able to use your natural talents. You came here not to only remember who you are as an ascended master, for you all are this on a soul level, but you came to remember that you are whole within the human experience.

You often think you need to be more, to do more and even to remember more about the truth of who you are understand your experiences here better. But the truth is that you are who you were meant to be without any more requirements other than to be fully in acceptance of your physical experience on this beautiful planet.

You can only reach a higher state of awareness when you accept that your human experience is a part of the divine creation with all that this entails. Love yourself for being a part of Gaia’s creation for she truly feels all of your hearts beat as her own and this makes that you are all a part of each other. You heal together with Gaia, what she clears you feel deep within yourself. Don’t forget your nature for you are all a part of her. “

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