Time of expansion and awareness

This is a painting of Yeshua I did for a dear soul brother that I may share with you. Here is his message for you:

“Beloved ones, you are going through a transition to expand your soul and your awareness. This is why there are emotions coming up for you that you feel so intensely and why you may feel like it is too much for you to bare. But even with these emotions you are guided through them with the support of your close connections to the ones that are with you on the other side.

Every day the veil is getting thinner and your awareness is becoming bigger and stronger. You are able to feel the support from beyond this dimension when you take the time to rest and open yourself to the new energies that are emerging on earth.
The earth is rising, the people and the animals are changing and you are becoming stronger in every sense of the word. Do not fear that you will feel like this forever for this is only temporary so that you can feel the power of your soul and that you do not feel closed in or trapped.

You are not trapped here, beloved ones, you are free to be who you feel deep inside. Your feelings and your sense of empathy and compassion are your strengths. Feeling deeply is what will change your surroundings and what will help others to grow and to continue.

Earth is changing, awareness is changing, even those that could not see the truth are now being shaken to the core to awaken.
Do not be afraid of the changes that you are seeing happening in the world and do not let yourself be lead by others beliefs. Before surrender can happen many will try to fight it and hold on to an old structure that is destined to fall apart. This is when you shine your light bright with faith in the innate truth of your soul. You can surrender to what you feel and what you know deep within.

You have come far, beloved ones, see that you are changed and that you carry the Light within you that is changing the world right now. You are contributing to the force of love that is now awakening on all levels and that there is no other way that everyone else will follow. I am here within each heart to remind that you are all Light and that you are already doing what you came here to do.
Surrender to love and let the light within you shine the truth for all to see.”

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