AA Michael: stand in your truth

I started writing this text and Archangel Michael showed up and continued to speak. He wants to help you feel how powerful you are even when you feel powerless.

ME: “Judgement and injustice have been living in our society and in humankind since the moment that we have experienced seperation within us. From the moment that we were made to look outward and were made accept orders from others we have gone into a state of fear. This fear has developed itself into pain and deep trauma where we experience anxiety from loss and abandonment from our loved ones.
Every kind of fear that we feel deep within us is something that we feel as a collective. Remember that we are not seperate, we are one. This goes for the good aspects as for the aspects that are in disconnection from our core.
The collective energy of humanity is within all of us which makes us a unity. We are ONE for better or worse. All that we are going through we are going through together whether we are conscious of it or not.

When we judge others we are judging ourselves because we are innately connected through the same Source. Empaths, lightworkers, healers, people with a higher consciousness are able to recognize and feel the pain of other living beings as if it is their own. They are able to absorb and carry this pain within themselves until they decide that they can transmute/release/heal/clear this energy through their awareness and through the power of their own light.”

AA Michael: “The ability to heal yourself and others lies within your own heart. The heart holds the frequency of unconditional love which is what you can use to heal the whole world. Your heart, used with your full awareness and full capacity, can generate an amount of light that is able to cover the whole world. This is why it is important for you to connect with others like yourself who are standing in their own light and are aware of the amount of love they hold within themselves. Together you can empower each other and when your light connects you are forming a bridge for others. It has been kept a secret for you on how powerful you are when you work with the Source energy within your own vessel.

You have been kept asleep as long as possible and you were made to believe that you need approval from others to be good enough and to be accepted. You therefore stepped into judgement and many other beliefs that kept you in the same state for centuries. You are collectively waking up from this state and stepping into a new awareness. What you see happening in the world right now is not by accident and it is required so that people can step into their power and raise their awareness.

You are the ones that are holding your lights for the rest of the world to see. You do not have to do anything but to be the truest and purest version of yourself. You have come to a point right now where you can do this without doubting yourself. You can now stand your ground and hold your light in confidence without falling into the illusion of fear.
You have raised your awareness too high to be able to be confused by the energies of a lower density. You can see through them, you can recognize them now and you can choose for love. You can choose to love the parts within others that are judgemental and that are living in pain and fear. You can recognize them as parts that have once lived within yourself.
Embrace them, love them, transmute them into the truth of the heart that you all carry within yourselves.

Show others the way by being in alignment with your own soul. You all hold the sword of Truth and you can all cut through illusions with it. Use it, cut the illusions from your own vision and clear them for others. Hold your Truth high in regard so that others can see the reflection of love within themselves.”

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