Release the need to be in control, have faith.

I get a lot of thoughts and insights that are coming from my inner guidance randomly during the day. When I start writing from my perspective, which always comes from a deep feeling that is within my heart, I feel my energy merge with lightbeings that wish to share their perspective. These are my spirit guides and also my own interdimensional aspects.
When I was writing this text I felt my Arcturian friends come into my energy field and sharing their wisdom further with what I was writing about.
They are a collective energy from the higher dimensions that hold a strong vibration of peace. Enjoy my message that is intertwined with theirs.

“In the world of today we are running and searching for answers. We never seem to be satisfied with what we currently have and we are unable to experience life just the way it is. It needs to be more, our days need to be filled with things to do, we need to plan ahead and we even need to plan our time to have fun because we cannot have fun in the moment. We have special occasions to enjoy ourselves while everything else seems to have become an obligation, a duty and a responsibility.

It is our responsibility to go to work, to fulfill our duties as a father or mother, daughter or son, to make sure that we contribute to society even if it means this will cause us a burn out.
We constantly need to do more, to give more and to be more. We are not truly living our lives but we are letting ourselves be used by thoughts and patterns of sacrifice and responsibility towards the needs of the ones who we believe we are dependent on or are dependent on us.

We need to be in control at all times to have the feeling of security and protection that we rely on so much from others. While we think we are in control of our lives we have become addicted to the need of feeling safe and being comfortable. So when we are threatened by something we feel have no control over we go into fear, we go into sheer panic. We can already see our world crumbling down before our eyes. All that we have built, all that we have accomplished and acquired throughout our life now seems to dissappear into nothingness along with ourselves.
This is what is happening right now. People are being pushed out of their comfort zone, they are being made aware that they are not in control at all. The 9 to 5 mentality and the need to have everything planned out to feel safe and protected is an illusion. This false sense of security is now crumbling down before people’s eyes and they are being challenged to see their true selves in times of crisis. They have now to let go and surrender to the change that is happening.

The Arcturians:
“You cannot control what is happening around you, you do not have to resist the change in what is occuring. All that is now being asked from you is to accept what is happening without losing hope or going into the mind and logically starting to predict what is going to happen next.
Faith defies all logic. Miracles happen simply by believing that anything is you truly wish for is possible. You can envision and feel the future you want and focus your intention to the outcome you desire. What is it that you wish to see from this global change? Peace? Unity? Compassion? Understanding?
Embody this energy within you right now and you will call it into your reality. This does not have to take as long as they are saying. This does not have to get worse as they are predicting. It can all change because you choose to hold the higher perspective and embody the feeling that you desire to see reflected in the world.

You are all avidly working during your sleep to expand the consciousness of the collective.
You, the one that is reading this, has volunteered to assist others that are not yet awake but ready to shift into helping them awaken to the truth. All that you share, all that you say and do, is a contribution to the collective energy and therefore is helping it to rise above fear. You are expanding your light to reach others who are also ready to shine theirs.

This is how the world is shifting and changing and it is already happening even if your media is claiming otherwise. Do not listen to news that brings you fear or worry for they too are codes that can shift your awareness to a lower vibration. Do not absorb any frequencies that do not resonate with the frequency of your soul. Your soul knows the truth and deep down inside you know the outcome of this magnificent change that is awaiting you.

You are moving further into a world free from limitations or control. You will experience freedom on a level you have not yet felt inside. You are changing, you all chose to experience this transformation and therefore you will succeed in all your efforts.
We greet you and we thank you for your brave contribution of helping humanity awaken.”

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